071205 WEDNESDAY “Kelly”


Craig “blowing off” a little steam post Kelly this morning.



5 rounds for time:

400m run

30 box jumps (24″ box)

30 wall ball shots (20lb ball 10 ft)

Post time to comments.



Here is a recent video from Mike’s Gym (Coach Burgener’s Gym) from the American Open in Birmingham Alabama as well as some bonus training stuff at the end.



Link between Marathon Runners and Skin Cancer

Signs of brain shrinkage in soccer players

and Art De Vany’s Top Ten Reasons Not To Run Marathons

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • J Jones

    I hate Kelly. I hate running anything over 100m (still kills my back).

    32:42 – horrible.

  • Rob

    Looks fun! And fitting commentary, JJ, given the articles on the reasons to not run! hehe.

  • Pam

    Yey! I seriously need to know about the relationship between brain size and soccer…but the link is broken. Can you send me the article at pammadix@aol.com? Cheers and hope to see you all soon. -Pam

  • sakura

    I did a mini kelly…15 instead of 30…I believe it was 22:34? 22 something anyway. I loved it but that friggin’ incline on the run always kills me.

  • J Jones

    (caught that one did you Rob?) heh.

    Thanks for the heads up Pam!

    Found another copy of the article on Reuters.


  • sakura

    just watched the video…so when do i get to snatch 145? ;]

  • J Jones

    Sakura, if you snatch 145 kilos (320 lbs) – ever, you can have a free lifetime membership to the gym.

    But a 145 lb snatch isn’t out of reach.


  • ultrasarah

    I could only do 3 rounds….20:??

  • CraigH

    Enjoyed this wod.. strangely.

    Craig 29:29
    Rick 26:01
    Sarah (3rnds) 26:01 (we understand)
    JJ 32:99 (plus 5 rounds of back stretching)

    Jon was smokin’ this one, but never looked right this morning as his stomach gave out on him after 4.5 rounds.

  • CraigH

    Wow JJ, those articles could be interpreted as an indication of your inclination toward (or, lack of affection for) running and soccer….

    We’re crushed. hehe.

  • sakura

    dude–i could totally snatch 145 kilos!!! no faith?! and i’ll take you up on the lifetime membership.

    yeah, i know it said kilos–i can’t imagine lifting all that weight! one day i could attempt something in the 100’s–i can’t wait!!

    and the barrientos family sends out their prayers to jon’s family.

  • games

    whats with all the gloomy comments at this website ? Do I sense some jealous behavior?