Josh’s twin sister, Georgina, showed up at the Shed for some ring work sporting a DCF lady’s T. A former Olympic Gymnast, her career was cut short after failing several mandatory drug tests.


Cool one from Nate’s Tuesday evening class:

200m Farmer’s Walk (Men 45# dbs / Ladies 25#)

5 Man Makers

200m Waiter’s Walk (Men 45# plate / Ladies 25#)

5 Man Makers

200m Run

5 Man Makers

Manmakers: Men 35# / Ladies #15

Post Time & Weights To Comments.


Thanks, Matt B:


U.S. Marine Corp’s Mameluke sword.

Marines & Swords Part 1, WSJ Story

Gifts for tribal sheiks who had teamed up with U.S. forces to fight radical Islamists.

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  • jorgy

    she is the best twin ever, hella buff. so last night i did kelly with a time of 23.27 at 5 o’clock and did nate’s awesome workout with 45# dumbbells with a time of 13.18 at 6o’clock. does that make up for the girliness???

  • sakura

    wow…georgina… i think it’s time for a waxing but you have great form on the rings.

  • J Jones

    The shirt does bring out the color of your eyes.


  • Luca Z.

    No jorgy it doesn’t make up for the girliness, you should have done Kelly, rest 5 min and then done Nate’s, now that’s what we call crossfitting, nice shirt though

  • Mike Erickson

    Talk about emphasising the transition phase of the muscle-up….

    Good coaching Jorgy.

  • jorgy

    she taught me all i know… too bad she is into BALCO

  • Pam

    Um. I look forward to having girly talks with Georgina? -Pam