071211 TUESDAY


This is what a DCF Karen record looks like. Coming soon to a Shed near you…..

Tuesday Morning 08:00 with Luca

DCF WOD: December Girls & Heros


For time

100 Pull-ups


100 Sit-Ups

100 Squats

Post time to comments


Thanks, Mike E. For scientifically inquisitive minds:

Article: Aerobic vs. anaerobic muscle metabolism.

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  • Luca Z.

    If you cannot do 100 pull ups or 100 push ups work your way up, start with 1 pull ups, 1 push ups, 1 sit up, 1 squat, then 2, then 3 and so on until 10 than back don to 1 again, this should help

  • Nate

    Angie – 22:44

    Definitely not my strongest showing as I spent way too much time cursing at my hand.

    Per yesterday’s conversation about PRs, I’ll chalk this one up to the tear and not a lack of intensity…therefore tonight it’s tape it up and 3.2.1. GO!

  • Darren

    Craig your talking a big Game. Try doing another girl before you try Karen then we will talk. I think My time still might stand up. Just make sure it is confirmed, None of this back squat last night stuff..

  • Darren

    Good luck with that record Craig, your going to need it. 6:59 is a “STOUT” time….

  • rick

    yea craig, 6:59 is very “STOUT”

  • Stavros

    Craig and I worked out at 3:30, I did Nancy, Craig did Angie;

    Nancy(Stavros) 14:39(OHS need some work)
    Angie(Craig) 21:25

  • jorgy

    i did HELEN this morning with an almost record setting time of 7:52 then decided to try a weakness workout. i tried JT 21-15-9
    handstand push-ups, ring dips, and push-ups with a time of 18:30, which took all of my effort to complete. but still not as “STOUT” as rick’s NANCY- 12:07, then MURPH, which he is probably still doing haha

  • sakura

    did helen in 12:24 (ick). i really need to get my pull ups down but i’m getting better with my 400m. for the tabata sit ups and push ups i did 10/10 which is an increase of 1 from my last tabata.

    i’m working on getting a “stout” comment. hehehe…

  • D Roe the Amazing


  • Craig

    Ok, my Angie was pathetic. Speaking of weaknesses: situps! No more skimping on the CF Warmup. Pull ups felt heavy, situps felt slow.

    Was going to knock out that stellar Karen, but…Stavros had to leave so I had no witness. Yeah, thats it.

    I promise to do the Karen after completing another wod.

    Saw the Murph, Rick! Awesome.

    And, Jorgy… impressive Helen. Sub 8 is STOUT.

  • D Roe

    Rick what was your murph time?

  • D Roe



    Could have done alot better on pullups.

  • rick

    39:52 murph
    had weight vest on for the running portions

  • Pam

    Tip of the day for callus tears: At night, goop on a pile of Bag Balm [green tin with cow], bandage it and sleep on it. It’s great for blistered cow udders and supreme for rips. You’ll be back on the bar in no time – without cursing.