Throwback Pic Of Craig In The Park.



3 Rounds:

500 Meter Row

12 Body Weight Dead Lift

21 Box Jumps 24″


3 Rounds:

400 Meter Run

21 Kettlebell Swings 1.5 pood

12 Pull-Ups

Post Time And Weight To Comments:


Crossfit is on Wikipedia??? Hell Ya It Is

Crossfit On Wikipedia

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  • jorgy

    Moises- 12:27
    Eric- 12:55
    Nate- 13:17
    Craig- 13:35

    Jorgy- 7:52
    Kevin- 9:52
    Sakura- 12:24
    Bill- 13:22
    Steph- 16:17
    Dustin- 13:46
    Lauren- 11:57
    Jeremy- 13:35
    Carrie- 15:39
    Chris- 9:42

  • Nate

    165 on the DLs…definitely not my finest time, but that could have had something to do with there being so much tape on my hand that I couldn’t really grip on the row or the deadlift.

    Still a fun workout though.

  • sakura

    wow. crossfit is on wikipedia?! cool.

    12:24…i knew i shouldn’t have stopped for that car backing up. then again i could be 1n a hospital bed instead of wondering how i’ll do tonight on christine…hmmm…

  • sakura

    wow. crossfit is on wikipedia?! cool.

    12:24…i knew i shouldn’t have stopped for that car backing up. then again i could be in a hospital bed instead of wondering how i’ll do tonight on christine…hmmm…

  • Craig

    I went 225 on DLs since it was just easier to load the weight – and I was solo (that sucks!).

    Class is where its at, folks. And this is not shameless promotion. When there are others around you, doing the same movement, or just yelling at you, your performance improves – sometimes dramatically. Witness: Rick’s stellar Helen and my Jackie PR.

    If performance improves then intensity must be higher and thus, fitness gains come faster.

    COME TO CLASS!! We benefit as much as you by being there.

  • Nate

    You went with 225 because it was easier to load or have you been hitting the holiday cookies hard this year, Craig?

    Amen on the competition in classes. It’s just so much easier to find that next level when you’re staring down someone a few reps ahead of you or when you have someone yelling at you to pick up the pace then it is when you’re alone.

  • sakura

    or you could bring your superman spouse and that’ll be a swift kick in the rear to get ya goin’. 😉

  • sakura

    and if i could be there everday like nate, i would…

  • Nate

    You already have a difficult enough challenge of balancing career, working out, and oh yeah, that whole newborn thing, Sakura. I’ll take a DCF workout over that any day…well, maybe not Linda 😉

  • sakura

    lol. you going to be at the 7pm class? i might have to do that instead of yours. are we doing christine?

  • Stavros

    I did Christine tonight at the station, about 5 minutes after getting back from an attic fire. I think my lungs are pretty done for the night.

    12:57(205# DL)


  • Brian Johnson

    Okay, I have not been to class in a while because my schedule has changed in Walnut Creek, I live in Dublin. I have been playing along at home though.

    Tonight I did Christine at 15:20. I substituted 400m run instead because some jackass was on the row. DL @ 195. I hope all is well with everyone and I hope to make it to the shed soon.


  • Darren

    Helen at the shed tonight


    had to break up last set of pull ups

    Too many pulls latley. I think I have a sub 8 minute in me..

    Next time

  • sakura

    i was just going to post my time for “christine” but got side tracked by urijah faber’s fight and forgot my time…hm. but i did my DL @ 95. i think it was something like 12:33. the row kicked my butt.

    fun work out, rick and jorgy. i wanted more but i missed my little fam. =]

  • Craig

    Seriously, D! How many pull ups have you done this week?? Your arms are probably 2″ longer by now. I told Stav not to do Angie ’cause you guys were thinking about Murph this weekend. Nice effort nonetheless.

  • sakura

    oh yeah…what’s the trick to getting your feet out of that row machine because i kept getting stuck. *DOH*

  • Craig

    Right on Brian! We’ll see you soon, I hope. Come Saturday & Sunday.

    Sakura: Flip the straps then use your finger to unhook the heel catch off the back of your shoe – thats usually what gets hung up.

  • sakura

    good stuff, master yoda. i finally did what you said during round 3. the first round i felt like forcing myself on to the ground and kicking it away. hehe. i bet i could have gone 11 something if i didn’t spend time wrestling with the rower.

    do you have a plan on sat for lifting? i can feel the DL’s now. i know as i got tired my form flopped so i might feel it in my back tomorrow.

    and i think i need a mini sesh on kipping. i’m very determined to get that science down. i understand the physics behind it but doing it is another story. i’d like to at least get some muscle memory down.

  • Craig

    Sat at 1 for some Power & Oly lifting.. schedule changed slightly.

  • jorgy



    Heavy Fran
    135# thruster
    35# pull up

  • Craig

    Jorgy & Rick.. you guys are nailing these wods. Your times are impressive.

    Jorgy- you getting your handstand pushups, nose to floor yet?

  • Nate

    It was definitely a thing of beauty watching Rick and Jorgy go toe to toe on Christine…especially when Rick caught up on the third round and Jorgy found that extra gear on box jumps to edge him out. Just beautiful.

    I rocked out Nancy last night…definitely one of my weakest workouts due to shoulder stabilizers on the OHS being pretty much nonexistent…still knocked over 3 minutes off my time from the last go around so I’ll take it.

  • jorgy

    ya i got the handstand push ups down. i put my feet over the bar for stabilization and do them.