Darren & Stav on the pulls again, mid-Murph. Together, these two Firefighters did more than 600 pull ups this week. You can understand why Stav’s got gloves.


Today we had an immense amount of people. So we split off according to skill level and prior workouts.

Class One: Josh, Nate, and Mike E.


Run 400 Meters

Max Reps Pull-Ups

As Many Rounds As Possible In 20 Minutes

Count Reps and Rounds

Class Two: Josh


Run 1 Mile

100 Pull-Ups

200 Push-Ups

300 Squats

Run1 Mile

Class Three: Rick

“Rick’s Rowing Pain”

Row 1000 Meters

21 Thrusters

21 Sumo-Deadlift Highpulls

Row 750 Meters

15 Thrusters

15 Sumo-Deadlift Highpulls

Row 500 Meters

9 Thrusters

9 Sumo-Deadlift highpulls

Post Time, Rounds, and Reps to Comments



Michael Murphy- A True Hero

Article: Michael P. Murphy

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  • Darren

    Murph is the truth. Have been so scared of it for so long, glad to finally have done it. But I am still afraid of it.

  • Nate

    I actually did Diane today with a time of 15:20. Could’ve been faster as I spent a little too much time overseeing the other groups…and dreading the deadlifts.

    Great work by all, especially you guys doing Murph. Best sight of the day was witnessing Stav stand up from his post-Murph coma to sprint the last 100m or so with Jorgy as he crossed the finish line…with the prescribed 20lb. vest on the whole way. Simply inspirational efforts all around.

  • jorgy

    never done murph as rx, and last time i did it my time was around 45 mins. workin with darren and stavi is awesome, like nate stated, it was inspirational.

  • Mike Erickson

    Magnificent. Maximum effort. A fitting tribute it was a privilege to witness.

  • Jorgy

    Big win for DLS i love it. great game, concrats to Centennial for their effort. gave us a great run and made me sick to my stomache. we put together a couple good efforts and pulled it through.
    DLS- 37
    Centennial- 31

  • Craig

    Couldn’t believe my eyes when I rolled up yesterday. Great crew of people .. everybody very immersed.

    Nice job on Murph, boys. After your outputs earlier in the week, I’m blown away.

    Oleg & Bryan had some fun learning the Snatch in Oly class at 1:00. Great work guys.

    To drill: the jump (with a full shrug) and land; DEPTH of the catch; Overhead squats; starting the squat from the hips – knees behind the toes!; flat feet!; finally: knee jumps.

  • Craig

    Nice job on Diane, Nate! 225DL is, as they say..STOUT.

  • Mike Erickson

    WU: 400m run.
    150 wall balls.
    Used 14 lb ball (was going to switch and do some with the 20lb’er, somehow never did).
    Need to work on the catch and turnover and pacing. Maybe someday I won’t hate wall balls.
    5 rounds of 5-10-10: GHD situps, GHD back extension, pushups. Not for time. Random recovery time between rounds.
    Puzzled over the Mike E. credit above: Oh yeah! I got to hold the stopwatch!

  • Jorgy

    the Mike E. credit was because of your encouragement and your super stopwatch abilities.

  • jorgy

    The Numbers For Nicole Were:
    Rounds/Number of Pull-ups
    Chris- 7/63
    Dustin- 5/34
    Carry- 5/32
    Nicola- 7/24
    Cindy- 6/66
    Good Job everyone

  • Stavros

    The Murph.

    Awesome, my legs are still wobbly today. Can’t wait to do it again.