071217 MONDAY


Jimmy demonstrates amazing patience and strength as he is the only one at The Shed able to do a Turkish Get Up with the Slosh Pipe.

As many of you now know, December is “Girls Gone Wild” month at The Shed. Many of us are trying to do as many of the ‘girl’ workouts, hero workouts, or other CrossFit ‘classics’ as possible before the end of the month.

Today the 0600 class we did the “Filthy Fifty” (see the Sunday workout for the full description).

On the menu for later is


21 – 15 – 9 reps for time:

135lb clean

ring dips

Post time to comments.



Gary Taubes Lecturing at UC Berkeley

Gary Taubes is the author of “Good Calories, Bad Calories” and is a major player when it comes to presenting research regarding low carb diets.

You can read his pivotal NYT article here.

And you can check out what I think is the “End all, Be all” proof to quell the low carb nay-sayers at the Berkeley University lecture page here. Just send this link to them. You can watch it streaming or save it. . . just so you know – its 1 hour and 48 minutes long and 181 MB.

And thanks to Robb Wolf for the tip! (he is so my hero -jj)

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  • Craig

    Filthy 50: 29:27. A PR for me, but only good enough for 6th or 7th on the DCF board.

    Nice work this morning Stav! Also, Jimmy, kicked my ass and a PR for FF.

    Way to hang in there, Bryan – it gets better.

  • J Jones

    You can see Brian “feeling the love” in the back of the top photo.

    I PRed today as well: 29:50. If I wasn’t feeling slow and bloated, I might have been able to shave off a minute or two.

  • jorgy

    rick and i came in at the usual high noon, he did “Angie” with a time of 15:40, and i did “Grace” with a time of 4:46, just one more thing to add for me to work on. i did more than half of my jerks as more of a thruster, not getting underneath it, a little brain fart that caused me way too much pain, ill have to remedy that next time. i saw the filthy fifty times, good job everyone, especially stavi who kicked everyone’s asses, including mine

  • Darren

    filthy fifty
    tonight at the shed

    Need to work on double unders

  • Jorgy

    retried “Lynne” cause i wasn’t satisfied with my last score. i beat my last one by a rediculous amount. last time- 133, this time- 185. did way more pull ups and felt a lot better on bench

  • Craig

    Not so ironic, I guess, that the slosh pipe is a gift to the Shed from Jimmy!


    Nice work man. You have way more patience than I.

    He laid on the ground for at least 10 minutes getting the balance right before starting.

  • ff14 gil

    execellent notics for Final Fantasy XIV. Thanks very much!