071218 WEDNESDAY “Badger”


This morning Aaron read an excerpt from “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrel’s book about Operation Redwing and the story how Lt. Michael Murphy (“Murph”) was killed in Afganistan.

It is important to remember that the Hero workouts are not just devastating workouts. They are homages to great warriors who lost their lives fighting for their country. It is with deep regret that Diablo CrossFit presents a new Hero to honor:



Complete three rounds for time of:

95 pound Squat clean, 30 reps

30 Pull-ups

Run 800 meters

Post time to comments.

In honor of Navy Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter, 27, of Virginia Beach, VA who was killed in Iraq last week.

Go here for more information about CPO Mark Carter, and click “Continue Reading” below for some comments about Mark Carter from the CrossFit comments page.

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.” General Patton (thanks to Brian McGlynn for the quote)

Now get out there and kick some ass for Mark “Badger” Carter.


Health Article:

Fitness Level, not body fat, may be stronger predictor of longevity

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  • J Jones

    34:33 (I think).

    This one was a doozy.


  • J Jones


    OPT did it in 22:40. freak.


  • jorgy

    rick did it in 23:11, i was witness to this.

  • Darren


    Great work out and work by all.

    My last 400m all I was thinking about was how if Navy Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter was alive you know he would be pushing himself harder. Hero’s workouts are always the hardest and rightly should be. Prayers go out to his family and his legacy will remain on by our sweat.

  • Darren

    I hate Rick

  • Mike Erickson

    A toast to Chief Mark Carter who lived a fuller life for his 27 years than most will live in 90. Here’s to Mark’s Mom and Dad in the hopes that his many brothers and sisters will ease the pain of his loss at least a little. And here’s to the hope that there will be many nieces and nephews who will take pride in their Uncle Mark and tell his story for many years to come. And here’s to whoever it was in the Crossfit family who came up with the idea of immortalizing our hero’s with hero’s workouts. Thank you Mark for your part in preserving our freedoms. Without you and your kind we are surely lost. RIP hero.

  • J Jones

    It seemed like a “Rick” workout. Running, barbell cleans and pull ups. All right up his alley.

    I think we need to erase his goals for 2008 and just have him beat all the stats for ‘OPT’ and ‘AFT’ on the wall next to the window. Or Jorgy and Rick can split them up.

    Get to work.


  • Nate

    I feel your pain JJ…I walked in last night for the 1800 class only to find a little note on the board from Jorgy mocking me for beating my Michael time. And then I got to watch as he cranked through Angie and Rick rocked out Annie, both with faster times than mine.

    I’ve been putting off a lot of pullup workouts as I didn’t want to tear my hands pre-Murph. Last night I finally decided to delay the inevitable no longer so I donned the 20lb vest for the pain.

    Murph ~ 45:30 as rx’d.

    The last mile was an absolute death trot. I really wanted to take that damn vest off, but I kept saying to myself, would Murph take the vest off…would Badger bail out? Hell no. May all of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country rest in peace eternally.

  • J Jones

    Strong work Nate! I don’t think I have a sub 50 Murph in me with the weighted vest.