071220 FRIDAY


Standing Tall! Bryan is our Newbie of the Year! He picked a rotten time to join the crew at DCF – but he has stood up to the onslaught! Today, Day 4 at DCF, he completed “Kelly” as part our “Girls and Heros” month. Wed, Day 3, Bryan subjected himself voluntarily to “Badger.” On Monday, he did his first 06:00h wod, the Filthy Fifty. Saturday, Day 1, he started with DCF doing full squat snatches in our Power & Strength Class. Way to go, Bryan. Thanks for sticking with us.

DCF WOD: “300”

This wod was taken from the Gym Jones folks who trained many of the actors for the movie 300. The 300 wod has 300 repetitions of exercises that were “favorites” of the 300 cast.

25 Pull-Ups

50 Push Ups

50 Box Jumps

50 Floor Wipers (135lbs)

50 Dead Lifts (135lbs)

50 Clean & Press (45lbs)

25 Pull-Ups


Diablo CrossFit vs. CrossFit One World at the November Cert.

Freddy and Jolie kicked our butts – they’re both amazing athletes. Cheers to you, CFOW!

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  • jorgy

    craig you need to let it go, Freddy congratulated you on the CF message board:

    “In reality, Jeremy and Craig both weigh over 200#, so they had to do A LOT of work. And a proper shout out to Craig cause he’s an “old guy” just like me! The whole Diablo Crossfit crew were a bunch of cool dudes.”

    haha don’t worry you did great for an old guy.

  • Stavros

    Looks like a good WOD. How much weight for the Clean & Press?

    BTW, the girl on that video was tough.

  • Craig

    Clean and Press is 37lbs.. the weight of some Oly bars. Go with 45lbs.

  • jorgy

    Forgot to say congrats to Craig and JJ for even getting on the main site. that is awesome and you guys totally rocked at the cert. thanks for bein there for my cert and showin me how it is done.

  • Craig

    Jorgy – funny that: “did great for an old guy.”

    I remember a certain tire flip contest…

    Ok, I’m letting it go. Besides, Jolie won the damn CF Games… what a ringer.


    1. Lay on your back on the floor
    2. Press the barbell over your chest
    3. Extend your legs vertically in the air
    4. Like a wiper blade, touch your feet to the ground on your left and your right for one full repetition.

    Good luck – these are very tough. Use the barbell as a counter balance.

  • J Jones

    Oh well. I guess we will never know the real story. All we can hope for is a rematch.

    And knowing those two. . . we have our work cut out for us. . . bastards.


  • Nate

    You guys definitely have your work cut out for you before a rematch…I just watched the One World Fran video where Freddy nailed it in 3 minutes flat. And Jolie wasn’t too far behind at 3:41. That’s fast.

  • sakura

    jolie is nothing short of amazing. wow. what an inspiration.

    team dcf appeared to be kicking a$$ so i was really surprised that their time was that far from CFOW. but it was amazing to see you all in that friendly competition.

    and great job to fellow newbie, bryan. =]

  • Craig

    Hey how about some props to our newest member… or maybe nonmember: Bryan??

    We tortured him this week!

    Filthy 50, Badger, and Kelly! Yikes.

  • Stavros

    Forgot to mention that, Bryan, you’re a stud. Making it through those workouts and coming back for more, that’s impressive.


  • sakura

    Did Fran tonight since I was the only one in attendance for the 1800 class. Actually, I did the “red-headed” step sister of Fran–I started out too heavy and took foooooorever to do my first set and I’m still working on that kipping pull up. My time was 7:45.

    Thanks to Nate and Jorgy for all the awesome instruction. You guys are alright.