Jorgy shows the proper squat. Feet flat. Chest up and out. Abs tight. Lower back taught and arched. Use a Dynamax ball to guage your depth if needed. And, extend your hips and stand up at the top! We are watching. (20lb weight vest optional).


Girls Of The Day

The Dreaded “Fran”

There is no workout as simple and fast that causes more “wod dread” than Fran…

Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:

95 pound Thruster



1000 Meter Row

50 Thrusters 45#

30 Pull-Ups

Post time to comments.


Article: Lack of sleep may lead to fatter kids

Here’s another reason to get the kids to bed early: More sleep may lower their risk of becoming obese.

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  • jorgy

    fran is nothing compared to jason. i got soooo nervous before i did it not even knowing if i could finish it. that was my goal, to finish.
    100 squats
    5 muscle ups
    75 squats
    10 muscle ups
    50 squats
    15 muscle ups
    25 squats
    20 muscle ups

    total time 1 hour 1 minute 57 seconds.

  • J Jones


    You are such a stud.

    I guess I am going to have to give it a go next. . . I better block ‘at least’ an hour out of my schedule.

    Is it weird that I am dreading the squats just as much as the muscle ups?

  • Stavros

    How the F do you do that many muscle ups? Is there a sub? i.e. jumping muscle ups? I don’t see myself doing that many at all.

  • jorgy

    ya it really sucked, but when it got to like 40 minutes i thought i would be able to do it in less than 50, but my muscles gave out and my rest had to be longer for me to only do one muscle up. the squats were fine they helped bring the blood out of my arms. i actually did 20 more squats in my last set of muscle ups because i was failing, it really helped me finish. Stav- you can do jumping but you can’t put it on the record board, but thats what this month is about. do the workout jumping then keep working on muscle ups until you can do that many, then work on time, that’s my goal for next year is to try to get this done in sub 50.

  • Stavros

    Are these ring or bar muscle ups?

  • Luca Z.

    Josh you are a FRANKENFITER, in my book.
    Did BADGER, a truly humbling WOD, 28:21, those Hero’s ones are tough

  • Rob

    Jesus, I leave town for 10 days and suddenly everyone is an intense firebreather. Jorgy, you’re an asshole. I’ll be back in there one of these days…

  • Craig

    Jorgy – impressive, man. You’re ready for a week off bro. Make sure you’re recovering.

  • Jorgy

    those were ring muscle ups. i can’t wait til i recover and do badger cause i love hero WODS. thank you luca, you did a great job on the badger. Rob i can’t wait to see your time and jj’s time cause i want to try and beat it next time i do it. i’m not very good at muscle ups and you are better so ill be glad to see your times. craig ill be getting plenty of rest next month so far my times have not suffered. my recovery time is getting really good.

  • darren

    Finally a rest day. Needed on after last three days.
    But Be back strong tommorrow.

  • darren

    Finally a rest day. Needed on after last three days.
    But Be back strong tommorrow.

  • Stavros

    Did Badger today at 1600 with Craig;

    Stavros- 32:05
    Craig- 34:47

    That is an absolute GRINDER of a workout. STOUT job Rick on nailing it in 23:11

  • Darren

    We made the main page!!!!!

    Way to go Craig and JJ, way to represent.

  • Craig

    JJ and I knew that video was gonna show up some day!

    Jolie is frikkin’ amazing – never challenge her to rope climb or bodyweight contest – ever. Freddy is a stud.

    I just couldnt get another rope climb. Did manmakers the day befoe with 45dbs. Excuses, excuses.

    On another subject: did Badger today with Stav! Wow. Rick are you sure you did 800m runs?? Incredible time.

  • Darren

    Rick is a beast, that time is really impressive, I couldn’t imagine doing that work out 8 minutes faster than I did it. Keep it up…

  • jorgy

    Did Josh tonight- 8:46
    now my hip is sore so im thinking about taking half of tomorrow off. we’ll see.

  • sakura

    i know i’ve been MIA but i hope to join the madness again very soon.

    checked out CF just now and saw that you guys made the main page. awesome!

    btw. i was wondering if one of these days i could record and take pictures of a “hero” or “girl” wod being done by one of you firebreathers. i wanted to put together a video as a project since i love doing digital media. let me know if that’s cool. thanks!

  • Craig

    Sakura, absolutely! CF loves videos from the affiliates – but it has to be good quality digital or they won’t use it.

    Love to help.