The Saturday “Hangover” Crew working on “12 Miserable Days.”

DCF WOD: “The 12 Days Of CrossFit”

Thanks to CrossFit Seattle for this little holiday torture session! Good find Rick & Nate.

Complete the 12 “Days” below in order, like the song..”On the 1st day of CrossFit, my trainer gave to me…”

1) 100m run

2) Man Makers

3) Turkish Get Ups

4) Burpees

5) Pull Ups

6) Push Ups

7) Box Jumps

8) Sit Ups

9) Double Unders

10) Squats

11) KB Swings

12) Wall Balls


Round 1 – 100m run

Round 2 – 2 man makers, 100m run

Round 3 – 3 Turkish Get Ups, 2 man makers, 100m run

Round 4 – 4 Burpees, 3 Turkish Get Ups, 2 man makers, 100m run

etc, etc, etc

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  • sakura

    i think i did something like 44:52. although, i added #13 to the 12…feeding baby kaela during the madness. awesome work out! i even walked away with a skinned knee and damn am i proud of it! can’t wait to do it again to see what i can pump out without #13. =]

  • sakura

    oh. 45:52…i was close. =]

  • Mike Erickson

    Couldn’t do “Twelve days of Crossfit”, because of right elbow. Did Nancy instead.
    WU: 2x10xOHS w/pvc, 1x3xOHS w/45lbs, 1x3xOHS w/75lbs.

    3 rounds of:
    400 meter run
    15 OHS (scaled to 45 lbs)
    18:08 (previous 21:45 on Nov 18)

    added some GHD sit-ups, back extensions and dips. (5 rounds of 10 reps)
    Enjoyed watching the whole crew blast through the 12 days. Inspirational sweaty bedlam.