Who is Gonna Win The Trophy???

The First Annual Girls And Heroes Of December Is Coming To An End. Who is Going To Take ?The Prize? We Have A Gym Full Of Worthy Candidates That Can All Steal It Away At A Moments Notice. The Scores Are Close And There Are Only A Few Days Left To Count The WOD’s. So Far The Scores Are As Follows:

The Candidates On The Board-Number of Wod’s/Number 1 Spots On The Leader Board

Bryan(Newbie Of The Month Candidate Also)-4/0

Darren(A True Advisary)-15/3

Stavros(Nice Filthy 50)-10/1

Luca(Doggie Squating His Way Through Life)-9/0

Nate(Number One Until Someone Else Steals His Spot)-15/0

Rick(Giving Everyone A Run For The Money)-20/8

Jorgy(Gonna Need A Week Off At The End Of The Month)-24/10

Eric(Finally Doing The Kip)-12/0

Craig(Killer Fran Time)-10/3

JJ(Called Me A Stud The Other Day!!!)-8/0

The WODs For 12/27


5 Handstand Push-Ups

10 One-Legged Squats

15 Pull-Ups

As Many Rounds In 20 Minutes As Possible


21 One Arm Snatches 40# Right Arm

21 L Pull-Ups

21 21 One Arm Snatches 40# Left Arm

21 L Pull-Ups

3 Rounds For Time



5 Rounds

20 Pull-Ups

30 Push-Ups

40 Sit-Ups

50 Squats

Rest 3 Minutes Between Each Round

Post Time And Rounds To Comments


Old People’s Nutrition

Modified “My Pyramid” For Older Adults

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  • Darren

    did joshie at work other day with my buddy for a time of 20:05, not done at DCF but I have witnesses.

  • jorgy

    I have had lots of problems trying to do workouts with people because of my new work schedule so it is hard to get witnesses. i tried videotaping fran but it didn’t work, but i videoed one round of mary to show everyone my modifications and form. i got 9 rounds plus handstand push ups and pistols.

  • Luca Z.

    Doggie style squat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Craig

    Great post tonight, Jorgy. I’m just trying to hang in there to the finish. Came down with a nasty cold in the final week. Recovered by tomorrow – maybe have 5-6 more Girls/Heros in me before month end.

    Thank God for my Fran.

  • J Jones

    Did Fran yesterday, So I guess I am up one WOD from these standings. Hopefully I’ll get another one in today, two on Friday and possibly two on Saturday. That would be 13, with Sunday and Monday left over if I can find the energy.


    Interesting idea regarding more nutrient dense food with less calories. BUT I feel that recommending bread and pasta carbs as a primary source (even whole grain) is wrong and dangerous – Not to mention contradictory. How can they recommend low calorie food that is nutrient dense and talk about starches? Sure ‘whole grain’ breads are better, but isn’t that like saying that slim cigarettes are better than regular?


  • Mike Erickson

    Every recommendation by the medical establishment is suspect in my opinion. They are always over-generalizations in some respect. The human body is enormously complicated, there cannot be a general prescription for health that covers all circumstances beyond stay warm and eat something. Useless. And they are more motivated by politics and protecting their own turf than people’s health. Milton Friedman observed years ago that the AMA is an organization that more resembles a medieval guild than anything else in existence today.

    In this case the medical establishment is trying to deal with the fact that the recommendations they’ve been making for decades is so much bunk. They will try to shift very gradually and try to make it look like their new findings are pretty much in agreement with what they’ve been saying all along. Science doesn’t work that way. If some theory is debunked you throw it in the trash and go on.

    I’m reading “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes. Got it for Christmas!

  • J Jones

    I got a gift card for Barnes and Noble. . . That my first idea for my next read.


  • jorgy

    i took a look at the book “Lone Survivor” it looks like a great book. i can’t wait to buy it and read it, has anyone already read it to give me some imput?

  • Darren

    Josh it is next on my list too..

    Barbara today

    Craig-37:05 (First day back from holiday’s and Flu) He wanted to stop half way through, but powered through. Nice effort.