The warm and inviting Shed during a cold blue sunrise.

Workout – 4 rounds for time:

20 ring push ups

20 dumbbell thrusters (@35lbs each)

20 pull ups

20 walking lunge steps

200 m run

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Diet for kids brain develpment

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Don’t forget to post your goals for 2008 to the Benchmarks Posting.

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  • J Jones




  • Craig


    Nice wod, JJ.

  • Darren

    I agree.

    NO GIRLS!!!

  • J Jones

    No girl named workouts you mean.

    (just to clarify).


  • Stavros

    Did CFT today with Craig. Definitely grinded it out. New PR’s for both of us.

    DL- 365
    SQ- 385
    SP- 165
    Total= 915

    DL- 375
    SQ- 385
    SP- 155
    Total= 915

  • Craig

    Stavros did the longest duration DL I’ve ever seen, must have pulled for 20 seconds straight – eyeballs popping, red face and all. Awesome. He was bound and determined to PR in DL.

    Fortunately, I edged him slightly on the Press or he would have overtaken me on the CFT.

    Great day.

    FOR EVERYONE: MWF sessions will be targeted at increasing your CFT. Our metabolic conditioning wods will include CFT movements or related movements.

    We’ll also always include a few low repetition sets of the Press, DL or Squat at 60% – 100% of 1RM.

    Want to get stronger? Come join us.

  • Darren

    Ok one more Girl.

    * Bodyweight bench press
    * pullups

    5 rounds for max reps

    Bench Pullups
    8 25
    9 27
    11 26
    9 30
    8 29

    Total= 182

    Needed 3 more reps to match Jorgy, but didn’t have it. Hard workout. Very excited about Pullups. Although, I am extremely stronger total body, my bench press has gone down significantly. But worth the trade.