080104 FRIDAY


Brian steams things up at 0600.

“Micro” Workout – 2 rounds for time:

500m row

5 right, 5 left kettlebell power cleans and strict press (1.5pood – or 55lb dumbell)

Then set your goals for 2008. Some of the most popular accomplishments chosen at The Shed are:


CrossFit Total (CFT) of 1000+ lbs

15 overhead squats with bodyweight


3 consecutive muscle ups

40 or 50 (or more) consecutive pull ups

L sit times of 1min+


Sub 3 minute Fran

Fight Gone Bad scores of well over 300

Murph as Rx’ed in sub 45 minute times

After the “micro wod” dedicate some time to working on one (or more)of your goals.

The clock is ticking.

Post Micro WOD time and goal practiced to comments.


Video: CrossFit intensity. Coach Glassman discusses intensity with clips from a certification seminar at CrossFit One World (if you look closely you can see DCF trainer Brian getting some during FGB).



Naps more effective than caffeine in young people

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Craig

    I could listen to that speech a hundred times and still get a thrill. Love the clip.

  • J Jones

    Did the micro wod in 5:35 (about 10s slower than Jimmy). Brian did it in 6:20.

    I also got Jimmy, Brian and Mo to write down their goals for 2008.

    I think we should make it clear that EVERYONE at the Shed is required to have goals (because not everyone checks the website).


  • Craig

    3:30 WOD

    Darren, Eric & Nikala:

    5 Rounds For Time

    30 Sit Ups
    10 Knee Jumps
    20 Double Unders
    10 Overhead Squats (Men #115 Ladies #45)

    Knee Jumps: Stand on your knees, hop up to your feet

    Eric: 18:45(?) 75lb ohs
    Nikala: 19:20 15lb ohs
    Craig: 22:07 135lb ohs
    Darren: 22:55 115lb ohs

    That 5th round was brutal. Fun wod guys – great to work on the weaknesses.

  • Darren

    OHS are a weakness for sure, But glad I kept it at 115 and didn’t scale down.

    3:30 is the strength time