080106 SUNDAY


Eric Going Strong During A WOD


To Start Off The Year Lets See Where We All Stand. Complete Two Sets Of Each And Rest Between Sets. Before We Can Have Goals We Have To Know Where We Are To Begin With.

2 Times

Max Number Of Pull-Ups (Full Extension-Arms Straight- Chin Over Bar)

Rest 5 Minutes

Max Number Of Squats (Hip Crease Below 90- Hips Fully Extended At Top)

Rest 5 Minutes

Max Number Of Sit-Ups (Shoulder Blades Touch Ground- Chest Hits Thighs)

Rest 5 Minutes

Max Number Of Push-Ups (Chest, Thighs, And Chin Hit Ground- Keep Plank At Top- Arms Fully Straightened For Finish)

Rest Five Minutes

Run 400 Meters For Time (Go As Fast As You Can-Running Is Self Explainatory)

Once You Drop Or Stop For More Than Five Seconds You Are Done With The Set. Your Best Set And Number Is Your Score, Remember To Do The Full Movement.

Post Scores To Comments


Article On Resolutions Through Crossfit- Resolution 2008: Lose weight

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  • Craig

    Great idea! Part of me doesn’t want to know the answer… looking forward to this.

  • Mike Erickson

    12:00 pm:
    Did Jorgy’s strength workout based on 80% 1RM of:
    Box jumps (25 reps) 20″ box
    Bench press (20 reps) 135 lbs
    OHS (15 reps) 75 lbs
    Shoulder press (10 reps) 85 lbs
    Back Squat (5 reps) 175 lbs
    Deadlift (3 reps) 225 lbs

    One time through. Bench press and OHS reps broken twice each, the rest unbroken. Managed 11 reps of OHS w/ 75 lbs which is a PR. Did a 30″ box jump, also a PR. Good day at the shed. Did the workout with Bryan who used considerably more weight (and 30″ box jumps) with fewer breaks.