080107 MONDAY


Stavi Doing Box Jumps



All Exercises At 80% Of One Rep Max.

1 Round

25 Box Jumps

20 Bench Press

15 Overhead Squats

10 Shoulder Press

5 Back Squat

3 Deadlift

For 80% Take One Rep Max And Multiply By .8 And That Is Your Number. If You Do Not Know What Your Max Is For An Exercise Then You Can Use Body Weight, Warm Up By Doing A One Rep Max Or Just Adding Weight Little By Little.

Post Body Weight, One Rep Max And Weight Used For Exercises In Comments


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  • Craig

    That looks like a cool wod. Thanks, J.

    15:30 Donde esta Stavros y Darren?

    15-12-9-6-3 Reps of

    Snatch Grip Deadlift 225lbs
    Pull Ups
    Push Press 115lbs

    For time.

    Scott (my bro – 1st wod!): 7:57 (no 15, 95#DL, 45#SP)

    Craig: 10:40 as rx’d

  • Darren

    Went to 6 am class. working Mon, wed, fri this week so no 3:30 class.

    10 rounds
    3 squat clean 135lbs
    3 jerk 135 lbs
    30 double unders.

    I got 8 rounds done in 30 minutes and then had to go to work. Still having trouble with double unders. JJ must have thought we were really good at double unders. But Theme for the new year is work on what your not good at.

  • Stavros

    Hey all,

    Looks like a great WOD. I have a big test on Thursday, taking it easy this week. I’ll try and make it in on Thursday. Also work Sun/Tue/Thu this week, see you all soon.

  • Stavros

    I meant make it in on Wednesday.