080108 TUESDAY

Wod with Luca;

Today I want to work on our legs with three types of squat:

POWER SQUAT: Lower and rise as quickly as you can while maintaining PERFECT form. Repeat 20 times.

BOTTOM to BOTTOM: Lower to full squat position, hold for a full ten seconds, rise and immediately upon full extension of hips and legs return to bottom and hold for ten seconds. Repeat 20 times

SUPER SLOW: Take 20 seconds to reach bottom and 20 seconds to reach top again. Repeat 20 times

Finally how long can you maintain a 2:00 min. 500-meter pace average on a rower?

Choose a weight that you fell you can handle comfortably for 20 one reps of regular back squat.

Post weight and time on the rower

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  • luca z.

    I had some goooood time with Moses and Nikala, I’m sure their legs will be sore for a while, eheheh

  • nikala

    Thanks Luca for destroying our legs! I think I will have to be in better squat shape in order to do that one again, and with proper form! Good times…

  • Luca Z.

    you held your own pretty well today it was a brutal work-out, pat yourself on the back, you too Moses