080110 THURSDAY “Diablo’s Shame”

Back in November of 07 CrossFit One World and Diablo CrossFit went head to head in an impromptu lunch workout. Freddie and Jolie beat Craig and I handily (although there is some debate on the number of additional reps completed by the DCF crew. . . and yes we are sore loosers).

The original workout was completed as a team workout where only one person at a time is allowed to do that particular exercise, but the exercises can be completed in any order the team wants.

Original – 2 person team, completed for time:

12 rope climbs

50 thrusters with dumbells totaling bodyweight

100 deadlifts with bodyweight

Here is the epic video:

To make this workout for one person we cut the reps in half and call it

“Diablo’s Shame” – For time:

6 rope climbs

25 thrusters with dumbells totaling half bodyweight

50 deadlifts with bodyweight


If your rope breaks like ours did (see below), then sub 60 pull ups for the rope climbs.

Post time to comments.


Our rope was attached to a sheet metal beam using multiple loops of nylon tubing (2100lbs test strength). The nylon was abraded by the beam and it snapped when I was about half way up. Other than some bumps and bruises from the fall, the metal ‘eye’ at the top shredded my thumb (as well as spraining it pretty good). I guess I am just lucky the thing didn’t hit me in the face.



“On 1 Jan 2008 I walked 6.5 miles in freezing weather”

It is interesting how a little bit of competition can get people moving, and coming from a CrossFit background, I totally understand where this guy is coming from (as should the rest of you CFers). “Men will die for points.”

I applaud Nike not for the device (not very revolutionary), but for adding the competition aspect. Great idea, and something that the Concept 2 rowing people have been doing for years. Check out the Concept 2 website for details. -jj

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  • Darren

    The real question is, Did you finish the workout after you fell?

  • sakura

    that just hurts me looking at it–yikes!

    i’ll have to do this one at home with baby kaela. although, body weight DLs will have to wait–i’ll go 95. =] but i’ll see everyone at muay thai class! can’t wait!

  • J Jones

    With the sprained wrist and shredded and sprained thumb, I couldn’t hold on to anything.

    I settled on a set of back squats 5×5. Worked up to 235. Man, by back squats are weak. That CFT 1000 is waaaay off.


  • J Jones

    And Mo killed this workout with a time of ~8:30. Nice work.

  • sakura

    well, hope the muay thai class was good. sorry i missed it. sure do hope to make it on saturday though.

    did 25 DLs @95, 50 thrusters @15, 100 situps, and 25 high pulls w/a 25 plate :10:27.