080111 FRIDAY


Darren finishes a nice split jerk (notice the ‘active’ shoulder).

Workout With Luca:

Did some work on a agility ladder as a Warm-Up then

For time

50 Push Ups 5 Thrusters

40 Push Ups 10 Thrusters

30 Push Ups 15 Thrusters

20 Push Ups 20 Thrusters

10 Push Ups 25 Thrusters

Post time to comments.



Obesity may raise the risk of still birth

“Researchers found that obese women were 40 percent more likely than normal-weight and overweight women to have their pregnancy end in stillbirth”

Mom’s obesity during conception may set the stage for child’s obesity risk

“Research studies have found that pregnant women who are overweight/obese are more likely to give birth to heavier babies, and the risk of overweight children becoming obese adults is nearly nine times greater than for children who are not overweight.”

Overweight mothers run greater risk of having hyperactive children

“The correlation between mothers’ body mass index and child symptoms was found not only in those cases where the mother suffered from pronounced obesity but also in cases where the women were moderately overweight. Expectant mothers who were already overweight and moreover gained a considerable amount of weight during the course of the pregnancy ran a greater risk of having a child who would later show signs of ADHD than did women of normal weight who experienced the same weight gain during pregnancy.”

Bottom Line: If you want a healthy pregnancy and child, deal with your own health first. -jj

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  • sakura

    funny you post the pregnancy info. as i was starting a new eating plan and exercise regimine back in fall/winter ’06, we got pregnant with kaela. somehow i wonder if the idea of getting healthy again was my body telling me that baby kaela was coming.
    hopefully when #2 decides to come along, i’ll be more prepared and still crossfitting like ultra sarah!

  • J Jones

    All across the CF community there is anecdotal evidence of women doing CF for a few months, then BAM! it’s baby time. Many times it happens to people who have been trying for a while (For Ultra Sarah it wasn’t planned but it did happen in this same time frame).

    Pregnancy is one expression of being ‘healthy’ the less healthy you are, the harder time you may have getting pregnant. We suspect that doing the high intensity exercise and paying more attention to eating healthy is all the body needs.

    Lesson: If you are doing CrossFit, be careful. Because a baby could happen at any moment.


  • sakura

    not that #2 wouldn’t be welcomed, but kaela is only 20 weeks…you’re making me nervous! haha.

    did “angie” today (sans pull ups) at home because we have yet to get a pull up bar or something i can do a sub on.

    100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats : 8:45. eh.