CrossFit Games METACON workout:

Row 1 K

Five rounds of:

25 Pull-ups

135 pound Push jerk, 7 reps

Post time to comments. (there is a 20 minute time cap)

Click here for a PDF of the results from the first annual “CrossFit Games”



The US is in a “Baby Boomlet”

Is there a direct correlation to the increased births and the propagation of CrossFit? . . . (and does everyone else hate the word “boomlet” as much as I do?) -jj

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  • J Jones

    Kam from http://www.crossfiteffects.com.au had a question about the results and for some reason his question got bumped to the wrong post.

    Here it is:

    “Hey Guys,
    Just a quick question. I’m a crossfitter from Aus, and was just wondering if you new what time’s the guys did the Crossfit Games workout in..

    Im guessing about the 15 minute mark would be pretty respectable.
    – Kam”

    Yup 15 minutes is very respectable. You’ll also notice on the post that there is a link to a PDF file of the results (and I just made it easier to find).

    But here are the first 5 placers anyway. . .

    Brett Marshall

    James Fitzgerald

    Chris Spealler

    Josh Everett

    Brendan Gilliam

    I finished in 19:10 (about 15th on the list)

    Bryan 22:30
    Mo 21:15
    Ben – I forgot, but it is on the whiteboard.

    Brutal. I got a rip on the last round which slowed me down for sure.

  • ultrasarah

    I did 4 rounds of 400m run and 500m row…..PHEW! 23:14….and one week left! YAY!

  • J Jones

    Amazing. We need pics before you pop!

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