080120 SUNDAY “Elevation”



“Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!”. . . Luca is a harsh taskmaster.

Workout: “Elevation”

In 20 minutes, try to accumulate as many feet of “Elevation” as possible using the following exercises. Next to each exercise is the number we used for distance at the SHED. If you are doing this at on your own, you may change the values to what you have to work with. We also gave two different scores based upon height (over 6 foot is on the left, under 6 foot is on the right).

Rope Climb: 6 foot and up = 12 / 6 foot and under = 11

Muscle Up (bar or rings): 5 / 4

Pull Up: 2.5 / 2

Ring Dip: 2 / 1.5

Box Jump (same for both heights): big box = 3, med box = 2, small box = 1

Step ups (same for both heights): big box = 1.5, med box = 1, small box = 0.5

Tally up your reps for each movement and add it all up for a total score.


Video (this kid has some good hops for a white guy)



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  • jorgy

    too bad jj broke the rope that would be really fun to do tommorow. i still wanna do it but i guess we cant have a rope. too bad

  • Mike Erickson

    12 noon:
    WU: shoulder warm up with PVC pipe, then OHS with 45 lb bar and 75 lbs, then 45 lb bar practice, shoulders to ears trying to pull the bar apart (works!).
    Once around the building doing MB throws.
    Did 80% of Jorgy’s wod:
    80 slam balls
    80 alternating MB push-ups
    80 MB jumps
    180 Meter lunges with MB overhead, out right, back w/left.
    Something over a half hour.
    Post: stretched, did 10 back extensions on the GHD, got dizzy.
    Still shaky a couple of hours later. Whew. Great workout.