080121 MONDAY “Martin Luther King Jr. Day” & CFT


For a great man, let’s put out a max effort.

Warm up then do a 500m sprint on the rower. Try to set a PR, then:

CrossFit Total (CFT)

Working up to a maximum single:

Back Squat

Strict Press


Add up the three numbers to get your CFT.



Renegade lunch lady saving kids lives

“Half of all the Hispanic and African-American kids born in 2000 and one-third of Caucasian kids will have diabetes in their lifetime, many before they graduate college”

“. . . They’re “basically making money off our children’s health and their future,” she says. “I’m just so pissed off.”

Carbs, Protein, Fat balance arguments aside (she promotes the FDA high carb, low fat pyramid – which is the shape most people become if they follow those guidelines), this woman is definitely forcing some steps in the right direction. -jj

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  • J Jones

    The row was fun. I PRed with 1:28.3. BUT it was on the old rower. I’ll have to make an attempt on the new rower and compare the differences (we suspect there is a discrepancy)

    CFT Numbers,

    Sq / SP / DL = Total

    JJ: 255 / 150 / 395 = 800
    Jimmy: 365 / 155 / no DL = 520 (with a ‘potential’ for 850+ I suspect)
    Bryan: 315 / 165 / 335 = 815

    I PRed on both the press (by 15lbs) and the Deadlift (by 10 lbs). I might have had more on the squat and the DL, but my back was reminding me that there weren’t any trophies today.

    Stout effort from Bryan. Kicked my ass handily.

  • Darrren

    Heavy Fran

    Darren 9:40
    Craig 9:58

    Not easy.

  • Craig

    My pull-ups sucked – technically, my time is not official. If you cant get chin over bar, I should rest until I can.

    Great wod, however – I am fried today from those Thrusters.

    I definitely think the way to a faster Fran is via overloaded thrusters.

  • Darren

    Wow, my legs are toast right now, too. I have to brace myself when I sit down. You know you8 had a good workout when it is hard to walk.