080129 TUESDAY


No matter what the WOD the end result is always the same

Lose your breakfast with Luca:

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

1/4 BW DB Deadlifts – 20

1/4 BW DB F. Squats – 20

1/4 BW DB Push Presses – 20

400m Farmers Walk (1/4 BW DB)

***The Catch: Count the number of times you have to put down the DB’s during the 20 minutes workout time. Add 3 burpees everytime the DB’s hit the ground. After the WOD, perform all burpees for time.

Post reps and number of burpees.



Gain up to 9 years just by exercising

“It all appears to boil down to the length of structures called telomeres — which protect the DNA on the chromosomes, the researchers from King’s College London wrote in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Many studies have shown telomeres get shorter over time, suggesting the cells are ageing or dying. The study, which extracted a DNA sample from their volunteers, found people who exercised more each week had longer telomeres.”

“. . .The study found people who exercised vigorously 3 hours each week had longer telomeres and were biologically 9 years younger than people who did under 15 minutes.”

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  • Luca Z.

    Once again Nikala, Lorenzo and Moises came out for more of Luca’s madness, they all did a great job, I must say I’m constantly impressed by Nikala’s performances, she is as though as nail.
    Moises 3 rounds (25#) 3 burpees
    Lorenzo 2 1/2 rounds (25#) 3 burpees
    Nikala almost 3 rounds (15#) 0 burpees

  • Brian

    Outstanding WOD Luca, I want to try that one.