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Jon Gilson from ‘Again Faster’, JJ from Diablo CrossFit, and Ryan Atkins from Crossfit Milwaukee (these are some ‘major players’ in CrossFit, as well as being fire breathers).

(a couple more pictures from the seminar if you click “Continue Reading” below).

Workout – 4 rounds for time:

10 squat cleans (135lb)

20 sledge hammer swings (10 lb sledge)

10 ring dips

500m row


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Video: What’s Your Excuse?



Ketogenic Diet Tames Seizures (full article in “Continue Reading” below)

“Experts stress that the diet can have side effects and should be attempted only under strict medical supervision. Most recommend it only for children with uncontrolled epilepsy who have tried several drugs that failed to reduce their seizures.

“We always want to make it clear to families that we don’t see this as a more holistic approach to epilepsy care,” “

Why Not!? It says in the article that this diet has been around since “Biblical Times” (and before if you believe in the whole paleo/caveman thing). What is wrong with trying a diet that is perfectly healthy and normal? -jj

Modified Atkins diet can cut epileptic seizures in adults

“Results showed that about half the patients had experienced a 50 percent reduction in the frequency of their seizures by the first clinic visit. . . Side effects linked with the diet, such as a rise in cholesterol or triglycerides, were mild. A third of the patients dropped out by the third month, unable to comply with the restrictions.”

What!? These people went from an average of 10 seizures to less than half, and they were unable to comply with the restrictions. Wow.

In the past I have posted articles on how ketogenic diets have been shown to prevent cancer (even in terminal patients). Why are doctors so afraid to prescribe a way of eating that is perfectly healthy and NORMAL? -jj

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  • J Jones

    Love that video.

    Mo 19:42 – 95lbs
    Eric 15:56 – 95lbs
    Bryan 23:45 – 95lbs
    Jimmy 25:00 – 95lbs
    JJ 26:04 – 135lbs


  • Darren

    I love that video too. I saw it about a week ago thought of crossfit. Love it.