080208 FRIDAY

This main website for the graphic is Weight.com. I found it on Ross Enamait’s training blog

Workout: (from Eva T’s blog)

Run one mile, stop every minute to do 20 air squats.

Post time and number of squats to comments.


There is a new CrossFit Box in Santa Cruz, brought to you by Eva, Annie, Michele, Robb, and Jim!

With a line up like that, you can expect more big things in the Mecca of CrossFit.

Crossfit Santa Cruz Central.com



And since Eva’s many talents include breaking records, hearts, and plaque buildup. . here is a tooth related article:

Treating your periodontal pockets will help your pocketbook

“Researchers found that cumulative health care costs were 21% higher for those patients with severe periodontal disease than those with no periodontal disease.”

Maybe we can start getting the major healthcare providers to start taking dental into account (for their own sake). -jj

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • eva t.

    F- yeah Jeremy!!!! I am taking this info to my office! Thanks!

  • J Jones

    At DCF, we know that dental hygiene is as important as form hygiene.


  • jorgy

    There is no freaking way that eva t. just replied on our site. however you got it to happen jj, thank you and please do it more often.

  • eva t.

    i will be back too, jorgy.