080211 MONDAY


Things we miss at The Shed. Sarah and the rope.

From the devious mind of Jorgy


250 meter row

25 tire flips

25 Tire Sledghammer hits

25 slam balls

25 push ups

25 sit ups

25 jump squats

25 push press 45#

25 SDHP 45#

25 pull ups

25 back extensions

25 knees to elbows

25 wall ball shots

25 walking lunge steps

25 kb swings

25 box jumps

250 meter run

25 knee jumps

25 med ball squat cleans

25 one arm snatches- 10 each arm

25 squat thrusts

25 seconds of an Lsit

25 suitcase deadlifts

25 ring rows

25 double unders

There is no particular order to complete as rx. just do the movements and post your times to comments.


Article: Integrating Olympic Lifting Into Crossfit Workouts

Video: I Wanna Be A Bartenda

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  • Luca Z.

    You are one sick crossfitter man!!!!!!1

  • Mike Erickson

    no burpees, no running with a sand bag, no GHD sit-ups, no slosh pipe, no TGU’s….What’s not to like? What the heck are knee jumps?? Sounds dangerous.

  • jorgy

    knee jumps are a form of getting ready for basic olympic lifting. start on your knees with the tops of your feet on the ground, then sit as far back on your heels as possible closing you hip gap, between your torso and your thighs and jump. try to land on your heels in your proper landing position.

  • Craig

    Jorgy, this was a great wod. I highly recommend.

    Darren finished in 31min, Craig 37 and Brian 41.

    The variations on movements was cool – but more interesting is the rep count: you mentally want to do all 25 without breaking… often to no avail. Something to work up to.

    Nice job.

  • Mary

    My husband & I did this last night. What a killer! Still feeling it this morning! Awesome, hope to see when I come to my cert at OneWorld in March!