080215 FRIDAY


Craig gets a PR in the Deadlift (390lbs).


Deadlift 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1 (work up to your 1RM)

Post your weights to comments.

Darren shows how its done at 410lbs (he went on to 430!).


The “Costco Connection” is an online magazine for the public wholesaler “Costco”. In the January issue, not only do we get treated to a pretty neat article about Jack La Lanne, we also get a peak at a Low Glycemic Index Diet.

Now I don’t agree with all the recommendations for the diet, the workout program they promote in another article sounds pretty fishy, the article about home exercise equipment is going the wrong way, and the original La Lanne article is really there just to sell juicers. I do enjoy seeing ‘old fashion’ fitness and hard work being promoted with some of the ‘non-mainstream’ ideas like the low GI diet.

Although regardless of what they promote on their “Lifestyle Magazine For Costco Members”, I’ll still buy my fish oil there. -jj

Interesting Jack La Lanne Stats if you click “Continue Reading” Below

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  • J Jones

    My lower back was just not up to DLs today. Did some back squats and presses.

    Worked 5 x 5 for squats, up to 235

    Worked 5,4,3,3,1,1,1,1 for presses. Only got to 145 (5lbs shy of my pr).

    All the Muscle Ups everyone is getting got me excited to try for a new PR (current one is 8). I stopped at 5. I could have got 6, maybe 7, but I tweaked my shoulder on rep 4 and decided to throw in the towel.

  • sakura

    just posted the WOD i taped while at one world with allison, jolie and lara…

  • Mike Erickson

    Good video. That looks like a hard one. Good demo of the official CF post workout position. Did they all use the same weight barbell? Looks like 75 lbs. Thanks Sakura.

  • sakura

    they all used 65#. they were all “dead” after the wod. hahaha. i posted pics to my log on bothe my blog site and on the CF forums.

    sure do miss the shed, mike. someday i WILL make a permanent return…like the rope and sarah. haha.

  • Mike Erickson

    I enjoyed Sakura’s video more than the one on the main site also, but I think the main site video was on the whole a positive one. Many women have a problem with running because of exactly the problem that Allison has, their boobs bounce when they run and that embarrasses them. The video dealt with that “run with your arms tight”, and the discussion on the website dealt with it “get a sports bra”, “use two bras”. Allison was thanked by a couple of women in the discussion. That’s what it’s all about, getting information out there. If that video wasn’t shown none of the good things about that discussion would have happened. I think the video producer may be a little bit of a lech, but doing this video wasn’t his call, or showing it on the main website. I don’t think Allison is a bimbo. She looks like a very young girl, baby fat, big boobs, reasonably attractive, an obvious target for attention. She deals with it pretty well I think. I believe her when she states her goals, she wants to be an Annie or Nicole or Eva T. These are the “before” pictures. Give the girl a chance to grow up.

  • ultrasarah

    hey sakura..let me know when you are gonna be in nxt…we can take turns watching the girls while the otheer momma is working out! I was in the other nite….it felt SO good! Im trying to get there tday….we’ll see abt that!

  • sakura

    hey uuuuulta sarah! i’ll try to be there over the weekends. the whole during the week deal isn’t gonna work. =[