Jon Gilson from ‘Again Faster’ is on the left of the picture above and he writes some damn good articles for his website. Read his latest rant below.


Overhead Squat: 3,3,3,3,3

Front Squat: 3,3,3,3,3

Back Squat: 3,3,3,3,3

Do all the OHS then all the FS then all the BS. The weight should go up each set, approaching failure on the last round of the exercise. (hint, the weight should go up as you change exercises as well).


CrossFit Article:

One Forty Four Over Ninety

“My love for the medical establishment continues. I went to my annual

physical last Wednesday, looking for a clean bill of health and a referral.

Instead, I got orders to check my blood pressure five times a day and an

uninformed dismissal of my referral request.

I have no doubt that my doctor is a well-intentioned man. He’d have to be,

considering the way he dresses himself. Picture this: thirty-something,

5’11”, one hundred and fifty pounds, night-vision pale, dressed in a ratty

blue oxford, a two-sizes-too-big checkered jacket, and olive slacks hemmed

for an impending flood.

Clearly, this is a man more concerned with the practice of medicine than

making the cover of GQ, a fact that I found reassuring—for approximately

five minutes. . .”

by Jon Gilson of Again Faster


Audio Downloads:

Jerry Hill, head coach from CrossFit Old Town in Alexandria VA asks the question “If your athletes life depended on getting in top-shape in record time what would be the most important thing you would do?”

Jason Brown http://jerryhillfitness.com/blog/?p=15

Mark Rippetoe http://jerryhillfitness.com/blog/?p=16

Gregg Everett http://jerryhillfitness.com/blog/?p=17

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  • Brian

    Great articles. I had a similar experience with my family prac when I had to get a physical for a new job. I thought he would be cool as my numbers we so good at the physical and he even recommends the Zone diet to his clients!

    My blood work came back with slightly high cholesterol. Over a phone messege, mind you he never saw me or talked with me over lifestyle, the other numbers, etc, he tells me to try a low fat, high card diet for a month. To top it off, my wife got the call and got all stressed for a day.

    For the record, my blood pressure is usually around 120/80 and resting heart 60 or under in the morning. I eat an unmeasured Zone style plus fat. (and much less beer than Jorgy)

  • Craig

    Those podcasts should be mandatory for our trainers. Just listened to Greg Everett – good stuff.

    Thanks for posting JJ.

    Similar experience to Brian – very high triglycerides. Doc wanted to prescribe. I read up – killed the simple carbs in my diet (sugars), upped the protein & fat and in 8 weeks was well in normal range. Doc said “no doctor would believe you did this without drugs.”

  • jorgy

    there is a good video to watch if you are worried about high numbers, JJ posted it around Febuary 3rd and the date is titled “A Big Fat Myth.” check it out, it is very interesting especially on the subject of cholesterol.

  • laurar

    Hey, Diablo dudes. What’s up!?

    Jeremy, your name came up in a conversation, and I realized I hadn’t posted recently here.

    Today I did a crazy fight gone bad style workout. My counter was a trainer from CFSD, Rachel, who had just done the workout herself…

    Saturday Morning at Brand X

    Box Jumps
    Flying Pull-Ups
    Hang Power Snatch

    She used 24′ box and I used 20″ box. We both did plain old kipping pull ups, 25# dbs for manmakers and 55# bar for Hang Power Snatch. And the same tire as the guys! 😉

    Rachel’s score was 146 (55-46-45)
    Mine was 132 (45-41-46)

    It felt good to get a score close to that woman, she kicked ass!

    Stop by my blog. Been getting some good numbers lately.

  • Nate

    So I woke up today and attempted to rock out a quick tabata at the house…only to learn after falling flat on my face after the 2nd pushup that yesterday’s workout of the wheelbarrow, pushup concoction by Josh left my muscles completely devoid of all activity. In other words…good one, Josh.

  • Mike Erickson

    Sunday Noon: Rick prescribed EVA! Funny I don’t recall anyone from Jorgy’s Saturday class at the shed on Sunday….
    I got four rounds in around 50 minutes, scaled the KB swings to 1 pood and did jumping pull-ups. 800 meter runs were 2x the DCF 400m including the hill. I know 50 minutes for four rounds sucks, but..but….yeah, I suck. Watched “Eva T’s Austere Heavy Workout” again for inspiration. Sigh. I love that “She’s a Maneater” song.

  • Stavros

    First of all, I second Nates post regarding Jorgys house of pain workout on Saturday. I haven’t been this sore in a LONG time. Anyways, as I am a glutton for punishment I did JT at work tonight.


    10:28, subbed dips for ring dips and modified HSPU’s

    I’m even more sore now, ouch.

  • jorgy

    I too am sore. I even stayed at home today in bed because Rick covered my class. i am eager to get back at it tomorrow but i think i will still feel Saturday’s WOD in my body. If you weren’t there on Sat and want a rediculous workout and have a friend handy then the workout was:
    200 meters of wheelbarrow carry and push ups
    200 meters of frog leaps

    with the wheelbarrow carries one partner holds the legs for 100 meters and every five “steps” you stop and do five pushups. once you reach 100 meters switch and the other friend gets to go.
    with frog leaps the partners are side to side one partner squats, jumps as far as possible, then lands in a squat. the other partner walks to where his partner landed and does the same, go for the full 200 meters.