080227 FRIDAY “Rhodes’ Farwell Murph”

+++Muay Thai Canceled Saturday for Dustin’s Fight in Antioch+++

We Gonna Miss You, Rhodesie!

Rhodes is leaving for the Navy this weekend. He was going to do “Murph” as his last workout, I decided that we should all do it with him as a nice ‘send off’. Stick around in the evening for an impromptu going away party.

Workout: “Murph”

First posted on CrossFit.com 18 August 2005

Run 1 mile

100 pull ups

200 push ups

300 squats

Run 1 mile

All completed with a 20lb weight vest for time.

Pull ups, push ups and squats can be split up and mixed as much as desired. The runs may not.

Post time to comments.

Scaling: You might try a “Half” Murph without the weight vest. (0.5 miles, 50 pull ups, etc) or even a Half Murph with the 20lb weight vest.

Some classes may even do “Team Murph” where two participants team up and one person goes while the other person rests.


BAY AREA ROYAL RUMBLE highlighted on the CrossFit Games Site!

(with the epic photo of Ron and Chris carrying the tire).

Interesting discussion on form going on there. Check it out.

Thanks again to Big Dave for putting together the video(s):

Long Version:

DCF Royal Rumble Jan 2009 from David Denglere on Vimeo.

Short Version (under 3 minutes):

CrossFit RR Short HD from David Denglere on Vimeo.


Have you checked out our “Events Page” lately?

I dare you to climb this!

Diablo CrossFit is putting together a team of athletes to raise money for the California Lung Association by getting sponsors to pay for you to race to the 52 stories to the top of the Bank of America Building.

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  • Andrew

    Nice picture 😉 Thank God tomorrow is my rest day….murph is a killer. Last time I did without the vest and it still took me 44 min

    Jeremy you think can you have them give credit for the picture? Thanks!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Andrew – you might have to do that. Just post to comments.


  • Meg Rosten

    Rhodes, you will be sooo missed!!! Thanks for always being so encouraging, kind, and a great example! Best of luck to you and come back to visit us!!!!! You will be in our prayers! 🙂

  • Craig

    Bummed and excited, Rhodsie! Take your 400 push up workout with you!

    See you tomorrow for my first Murph ever (3+ years of CrossFit).

  • Rhodes

    I would just like to thank everyone at Diablo Crossfit for being so great. This is truely a special place! I won’t forget any of you. You guys mean the world to me.

  • Bryan S

    Rhodes, you will be missed. From myself and all of us at DCF, thank you for always pushing the group, being a truley enjoyable person to be around and an even bigger thank you for heading off to serve our country. Keep us all posted on your progress through boot camp and buds.

  • CraigH

    I think I’m going to start this one at 3:45PM today if anyone can/wants to join in.

  • Mark L.

    Thanks, Rhodes. I thought I’d get through my 1 year Crossfit anniversary without doing Murph, but looks like I’ll make it under the wire by about a month.
    Good luck in the Navy, and I’d kindly request “Don’t be a Hero!” (in the Crossfit way) Seriously, I don’t want any 400 pushup workouts in my future. =)
    I’ll be keeping you in my prayers, bro. You’ve definitely got the right stuff. I’ll feel safer knowing you’re on watch.

  • Big Dave

    Craig – WIll you be doing the 20 or 40 lb vest today?

    I did 20 lbs and finished in 70 mins. I completed the workout part in 50 mins but as usual my run was longer than expected 10 mins start and 20 after.

    Keep in mind that it’s 5 – 10 – 15 for 25 rounds to get through all of this.

    Not my method of 20 – 40 – 75 (pull ups / push ups / Squats) for 5 rounds which was painful as heck!!!

  • Craig

    BD: 20lb vest. I don’t wear ’em if I don’t have to. My philosophy: weight vests train you how to do things slower.

    I also plan on only doing 20 rounds of 5-10-15. That’ll help quite a bit.

    Re-do your math, bro. Did you really do 25?

  • Carry

    Sorry I can’t make the farewell tonight…..I’ll miss you Rhodes 🙁 Always fun to work out with. I’m sure this won’t be the last we see of you. So, until then, show ’em what a Cross Fit (er) can do!!

  • Ronnie L

    As if I didn’t humble myself enough yesterday! I get the opportunity to completely embarrass myself this evening… OK I will be there.

  • Mark L.

    Murph humbles even the strong! Humility is a good thing, too. =)

  • Holly

    I’m going to try to get there at 3:45 to suffer with you Craig. But seriously, if I’m wearing a 20 lb vest you need a 40! Come on, it’ll be fun!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Rhodes, we’ll miss you. I have no doubts you will hit the ground running in the Navy, they are lucky to have you.

    As far as Murph, it’s either 20# vest, or it’s not RX. Nothing wrong with scaling, definitely scale if needed, but, let’s give this hero his due. I’m a little “under the weather” today, if I can pull it together by 3:45, I’ll see you guys there.

  • Big Dave

    OK now i feelin like a fool

    Vest slows down everything… but I must respect the military personnel who carry 50lbs or more on their back who run like hell, walk for miles, and watch out for all those crazy things that happen while in the war zones.

    This is ONE experience just wearing a 20lb vest I will never forget.

    Thanks Rhodes… I did this one workout for you!!!

  • Yvonne

    That is what Craig told me last night Stav, it is not RX if you don’t wear the vest. So I wore the vest today and thought the whole time that this hero died for our country. It felt good to honor him today and finish. Murph is looking down on us today so kick butt and show him what you got!

  • Yvonne

    Rhodes, you will be so missed by all of us. Thank you for doing what you are doing! Be safe!!!

  • Shannon

    I’ll be there at 3:45. Last time I did Murph RX it took me 1 hour and about 5 seconds. UGH. Personally- I think Rhodes should have to do this workout in tight jeans and no shirt- just like Maverick and Goose in Top Gun (his fellow Navy peeps)!

  • russell

    The navy will become a better outfit the day you report. You picked an outstanding Hero for our last workout…I’m with Mark, I don’t want to see no 400 pushup WOD named RHODES. See you all tonight

  • Rob


    We’ll miss you, bro. Be safe and come visit whenever you can! It’s a loss for our DCF family but the Navy is definitely going to be stronger with you in it.

    Happy Trails

  • Craig

    Awesome workout this afternoon and fun hangin’ with the crew after. Motivated by Shannon, Holly and Dean in my class. Inspired by Stav, Bryan and Rhodes.

    Watched Mark crush it.

    That wod is so demoralizing. Despair sets in around 25mins and you want to quit. Wild stuff goes through your head.

    Love CrossFit.