080229 FRIDAY


Chris after a WOD trying not to pass out.

CFHQ WOD for Thursday

7 rounds for time of:

95 pound Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 10 reps

10 Ring dips


G.I. Jane

100 Burpee Pull-Ups for time



Recently there has been talk about the Crossfit games. Many have voiced to me that if given the chance I should take the opportunity to compete. I am not convinced that i am quite ready to compete with the crossfit greats: OPT, AFT, Josh Everett, Freddy C., Greg Amundson, Brenden, or any of the other crossfit elite that appear on the main site’s videos. What are your opinions? Is anyone else planning on going? Are there any DCF trainers/regulars who are planning on competing?

video- Kids From Crossfit Brand X In The Crossfit Games

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  • Luca Z.

    I won’t compete but I’m planing on going and check it out, and you know my opinion, you are more than ready to do well against the best of the best.

  • Darren

    Jorgy, you would have a good showing, but in the end “The greats” would edge you out. But if you continue to push hard who knows. But they are training just as hard, If not harder to get ready for the games. I would go down to compete myself, not so much as to try to win, but to leave it all on the table and give the best preformance I can give. Especially on such a big stage will lots of people. It would be a blast. Sometimes Crossfit is more about Competing with yourself as is it competing against others. The affilialte page has three good video interviews on a couples perpective on crossfit and how it relates to them.

    “Bill Benesi and Shyla Cundall Interview”

  • Darren

    Another By the Way. When Chris improves his kipping pullup and maybe a little more cardio, he will own all.

  • jorgy

    Thanks Luca and D.,
    I wanna keep on what i am doing now, which is more strength based, but still has crossfit tied to it. hopefully my numbers will go up more than what they are, i want at least a 900 on CFT while keeping my crossfit just as good as it is. i don’t want to gain weight all i want is for better strength numbers. when the time comes i think i will compete, especially since i found the video i posted and watched it. those guys are 2 years younger than i am now and they competed to i think it would be cool to try. thanks for the encouragement fellas

  • J Jones

    I think you should compete. You might surprise yourself (and everyone else). Besides the preparing and training for the event will be good practice for later events.

    Also, there is a “Team” prize. I believe it is the best scores for 4 people (which must include at least one woman).

    I think DCF would have a chance to get in the top 3.


  • jorgy

    So who is with me then?

  • Craig

    I think you should compete. Part of the challenge of a competition is tailoring your training so that you don’t overtrain and you get proper rest and nutrition. If you nail those – you could possibly take out the notorious top performers.

    Also, you don’t know whats gonna come out of the hopper – you might have been able to beat OPT on Thus’s wod. Everybody has weaknesses – you have strengths across the board.

    I think with good rest, proper nutrition and tapered training you could pull a top 3.

  • jorgy

    Well thanks for the encouragement. i see myself top 20 maybe top 10 if my strength goals are met by the time i get to the games. all i want is to put on a good showing, Mike E. emailed me a couple times and he said that it is whoever brings it on those certain days, so thats what i will train to do. many new greats are going to come out this year for the games i guarantee it, Speal, and Tosh are just a couple of examples.

  • Luca Z.

    I think, the toughest the competition the better you perform, it’s a show of caracter, as much as strength and stamina

  • sakura


    i think you should compete. i think you’d do quite well from what i’ve seen.

    depending on whether or not dap deploys i plan on going. trying to plan something with annie and dylan if we go down so we’ll see what happens.

  • J Jones

    This morning we did the SDHP and Ring dip combo.

    I used a 56lb kb because it would be easier on my sore back (able to keep the bell close to the body between my legs). I Thought I was done in 7:33, but It turns out that I had a round left (Eric pointed it out to me). After I got back on the wagon, I did it in 9:13.

    Finished with Back squats – 5,5,5,3,3,3,3


  • Brian Nesmith

    Jorgy, what where the three events last year?

    1. CrossFit Total – you are working on it. Make those your corps lifts and hit them all on a twice monthly schedule (or a little more) alternating 5×5, 5×3 or 5×2, and 5×1. See Craig for more on Powerlifting.

    2. Long trail run. I used to do this as my sport of choice and you have to work at it. The little constant changes as your foot hits an uneven terrain takes some getting used to and steep hills are tough both up and down. See Craig, he lives on hills.

    3. Hopper WOD. You don’t know what’s coming BUT don’t you think Coach is going to make it longer rather than shorter? Think 20 minute mixed mode wods. Lots of triplets.

    4. Protein and fat are your friends! If you are going to mess up your diet, even if only for a weekend, it’s going to be the carbs. When training extra, calories don’t really matter. Robb Wolf, my favorite dietary guru is your man.

    Just my 2 cents and I know you know this stuff BUT not everybody reading this does…

    Good luck. For the hundredth time this year I wish I knew CrossFit when I was 20ish.


  • Stavros

    I would agree, you would represent DCF well at the Crossfit Games. I could potentially get that weekend off. Should we assemble a DCF team to go down? I know I’m personally not ready to place, but if I actually get some free time between now and then I may be able to help out during the team competition. Anyways, my point is yes you should go, and yes I’m interested in going.


  • jorgy

    Thank You Brian. I have been working on CFT and strength a lot these last few weeks. my goal is to get stronger but also maintain my “crossfit” stamina. i think i have a pretty good chance at the run and hopper already and with a better CFT i think i’d have a better chance of placing. I am trying to talk Craig into competing too, hopefully he will cause it would be fun to compete together verses just me all by my lonesome.

  • Brad


    I definitely think you should compete. The short time that I’ve gotten to know you, witnessing your strength, ability and desire..you’ll represent the shed well! Get some my brutha!!