Mo and Jimmy crank out Fran.


5 rounds for time of:

* 7 pull-ups

* 7 thrusters (75#)

* 7 burpees

(This one comes from the “Ass Whooping Chronicles” posted on the CF mainpage)

Post time to comments.



How the media disses low-carb diets from Dr. Eades


Woman’s Weightlifting Athens Olympics:


(a great article from Lisabeth Darsh at CrossFit Watertown)

“Why Not Roar?”

“I’m a woman and I’m confused: I love CrossFit even though, according to the dominant theories on women and competition, I should not. CrossFit, with its quasi-military culture, posting of standings, and inherent performance-oriented hierarchy should make me want to run screaming in the other direction toward some scrapbooking club or, at least, a nail salon. (Lucky for me, I don’t like either place. In fact, I’d rather have my nails pulled out than endure another vacuous conversation centering on hair or nails or whether somebody’s butt looks big in a pair of jeans.) CrossFit is a competitive beast. We grunt, lift heavy weights, talk about “snatches” and, when someone fails to meet our standards, we call them the pejorative term for a kitty. I’m not certain this is what our grandmothers would call “normal” behavior for women. . .” (Click the link above for the full article.)

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  • jorgy

    Great article JJ, i was just trying to recruit some of our women to go to the crossfit games and compete with us (Carry and Nikala) and i hope they will take me up on that.

  • Rick

    Im down to compete in the games, i really think that we have great chance in placing decently. i also look forward to really training for the games as i think it will enhance all of our fitness levels

  • Luca Z.

    Ultimately though remember to go to the games to have fun, that’s the ultimate idea you don’t want to put too much pressure on your shoulders, train hard and have fun.

  • Mike Erickson

    Jorgy’s workout today made the “A$$-Whooping” workout look like an easy warm-up.
    50-35-20 of:
    KB swings
    Knees-to-elbows [ugh]
    box jumps
    400 meter run each round.
    Used a 16Kg KB and 20″ box. Finished 2 rounds in the alloted 40 mins. A little short on the last run. Thank god for the cutoff time.
    Pre: 2 x 100 meter parachute run (can’t really call what I do sprinting)
    3-4 min of DU practice. DCF WU x 2.
    Post: 3 reps of OHS w/ 75 lbs. Too dead to do more.
    Not worth a crap the rest of the day. Good one Jorgy!

  • jorgy

    results for the ass whooping today.

    40 minute cut off time for the workout mike e. posted.
    Travis- 2 rounds+ KB SDHP, KB swings, and 1/2 K2E
    Bryan- finished at exactly 40 minutes
    Mike E- 2 rounds
    Carry- 36:18

    Dustin and I did the Crossfit games hopper
    1000 m row
    then 5 rounds
    25 pull ups
    7 push jerk 135#

    Jorgy- 17:54

  • Rodil

    My workout – Gardening for time

    Worked at my son’s elementary school beautification project. Anthony and I cleared an old garden to make way for flower planters, new sprinkler system and bark-covered walkways.

    2 1/2 hours of the following:

    Shoveling (not the virtual kind) dirt and trash
    Swinging a pick to remove bigger plants
    Leveling ground with rake
    Pulling weeds with cultivator tool and by hand
    Dumping garbage cans full of weeds and debris. A very practical use of the clean and press.