3 Rounds

1 Minute Each

Wall Ball

Push Press

Sumo-Deadlift Highpull

Box Jumps

Row For Calories



Rant: So now we are getting somewhere with the crossfit games. They are on July 5th and 6th so whoever wants to join in on the training and the competition say it now that you want to. Lets make this a big deal, we can surely do some great things and promote our DCF way of life to all those other gyms. We are also going to start a fund for those who would like to make it and compete but may not be economically inclined to doing so. So if you are one of those people do not be afraid to join in on the fun. Lets do it up and get ready for July.

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  • Carry

    This one was fun! My brother (Dustin) almost died :)….(why you should never smoke.)
    I improved my time and survied…Nikala also improved her time. Looking forward to trying it again soon.

  • jorgy

    Ya I think Dustin pukied in his mouth a little.

  • Nikala

    Yeah, that was fun…always fun when we do better, right? Girl Power!

  • Rodil

    I was actually wanting to do a workout with barbells when this came along. I guess I should be careful what I wish for.

    I started with the wall ball because I hate wall balls and like SD high-pulls and push presses as separate exercises. Figured I’d hit my worst event first and right after the rest breaks. However, I found out that doing the wall balls and box jumps upfront sort of burned me out for the SDHPs and push presses afterwards. Next time, I’ll try to do the barbell exercises first. Rowing at the end of the round worked out well.

    The box jumps gave me the most points for effort spent, I think. Which exercise produced the most points for everyone else?

  • J Jones

    Hey. . . We finally have some more ladies posting!

    Nice work on the FGB yesterday. The pics and the scores look like everyone kicked ass. Nice work.