080307 FRIDAY “CrossFit Total”


Moises is one of the most recent inductees to the Muscle Up Club (a few weeks ago anyway).


“CrossFit Total”

Work up to your 1 rep max in the following exercises, taking as much time as needed.

Back Squat

Strict Press


Post loads and combined total to comments.


Video: Attitude means more than limitations.

(He plays baseball too)



Low testosterone linked to depression

“A study of about 4,000 men aged over 70 found those with lowest testosterone were three times more likely to be depressed than those with the most.”

“They found those men whose level of free testosterone was in the bottom 20% were three times more likely to be depressed than those in the top 20%.”

“A previous study of 800 men over the age of 50 found that those with low levels of testosterone had a 33% increased risk of death over an 18-year period than those with higher levels.”

“Testosterone replacement therapy has also been shown to help elderly men with mild Alzheimer’s disease.

Research has suggested that levels of testosterone in men of all ages are falling.”

Exercise prescribed to help depression in UK

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  • Craig

    Kelly Moore posted the following comments on the main site today, where the wod is “Diane” 21-15-9, 225lb deadlifts and hspu’s. Keep in mind Kelly is 43yo and weights around 120 (rough guess). She does Diane as rx’d in 4:30. She is my favorite CF girl:

    From the CF Main Site today:

    “Nearly Righteous Dead Stop Diane” – 8:12. I’ve been stuck around the 4:30 mark for a couple years using 225# touch and go deadlifts/nose to carpet HSPUs. My goals have changed. I want to use clean deadlift technique and increased HSPU ROM to achieve a Diane score.

    185# dead stop trap bar deadlifts – No bouncing or touch and go reps. All reps started from a complete stop from the floor. Hams and butt felt these much more than bouncing reps. More challenging then bouncing the weight, but still relatively easy. Weight can be increased in the future.

    HSPUs done off 8″ blocks created hands to earlobes depth with top of head touching floor and full elbow extension. “Nearly Righteous” – truly righteous would have been hands to shoulders depth but I’m not strong enough in that ROM to treat it as metcon. I was able to get 5-7 consecutive reps each round before the breaks started. These HSPUs really killed my time.

    I did this as a baseline for future increased difficulty Dianes. It really exposed my weakness -increased ROM HSPUs.

  • Rodil

    What happened to the 6:30 pm class? Three of us showed up and the Shed was closed 🙁

  • Luca Z.

    I’m stoked, snatched 140lb today Greg Everet is a genius

  • Stavros

    For anyone else suffering from ripped up hands, here’s a link and some tips I’m going to try out;

    Today is rest day, for my body AND hands. I tried to rest yesterday, instead did the ridge trail at Shell Ridge and got through half of CFT. See you all on Monday.


  • Mike Erickson

    Congrats! I think the Sat oly lift class is open. No one there to teach at 1pm today 🙁
    I got a good workout in anyway. Some nice people from Jorgy’s class talked me into doing Fran. 75 lbs. Lots of breaks. 11 min 33 seconds. Ugh. I’ll be going to bed early.

  • jorgy

    Did my CFT today. Finished with less than perfect numbers but something i can build upon.
    Squat- 305
    Press- 150
    Deadlift- 405
    Total- 860

    Starting monday i am going to do only heavy lifting. i am going to do a monday wednesday friday saturday lifting schedule to allow for recovery and maybe even cut out the saturday lift every two weeks. OPT upped his CFT by 45 Lbs so i need to be on his ass (no good way of saying that)