080309 SUNDAY “Bring Your Own Deck”



Attend a Saturday Olympic Lifting Class and you could look like this!!!

Sunday SEAL Training

“The Deck of Cards”

Jokers= Run 1 Mile

Diamonds = Push ups

Spades = Pull ups

Hearts = Burpees

Clubs = Sit ups

Instructions: Shuffle your deck of cards, start the timer and pick up a card, do the exercise listed. Each numbered card is face value, aces are high, and face cards are 10. So if you draw the ace of spades first perform 11 pull ups, then draw again, if you pick the 9 of hearts do 9 burpees.


An article on crossfit-

Military-style ‘elite’ fitness training goes mainstream

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  • jorgy

    What happened to all of my clients?

  • Luca Z.

    The Shed can be a very lonely place sometime

  • Rodil

    No one showed up today? We had eight people at last Sunday’s class.

    On a positive note, check out this email from my brother in Maryland. He’s always been pretty fit, used to rock climb and ran a 1/2 marathon last spring. He’s three weeks into the 12-week Beginner Workout from the CrossFit Journal-May 2003:

    “For the years we’ve lived here in MD I usually take the stairs from my office to the main IT office. I also take the stairs from the underground metro to ground level when I go in for work. Both are about 4-5 stories. I always skip steps and am usually a little winded by the time I get to the top even when I trained for the half-marathon. But after doing the squats and deadlifts I am DOMINATING those stairs! I’m hardly winded at all anymore. It sounds like an infomercial promo but it’s true.”

  • jorgy

    A couple people showed up but not our normal numbers.

  • Mike Erickson

    Thanks for the email from your brother! Great testimonial. I’m getting my sister in Seattle into crossfit (I hope), one of the things I’ve asked her to do is get off the elevator at her work and walk up the last couple of floors. As that gets easy add a floor. I argue that I plan on living a long time and it won’t be so much fun if she isn’t there too. I’ll show my sister your brothers email for motivation.
    I’m under orders to take rest days. How’d everyone do on your “deck of cards” workout?

  • jorgy

    For the deck of cards everyone has been doing great. Carry, Kevin, and I did it yesterday and Eric and Nikala did it today.
    The times for it have been

  • Carry

    That was fun Sunday…..I’m going to have to figure out something for my hands….whenever I have to do a lot of pull-ups, it tears up my hands! (kipping) I have 3 new blisters on top of the ones that just healed. It’s OK if I don’t have to do pull-ups again for a while but I’d rather not miss out on that. What is the Zone diet? Do you have to eat certain things at certain times? Sounds like a balance between protien and carbs…but do you have to eat them in a certain sequence? What is the diet for?

  • Luca Z.

    Carry, the Zone diet is a way of eating, balancing out the three macronutrients, proteins, carbs and fat, its about 40-30-30 of each each meal, you eat about every 3-4 hours 5-6 meals a day, it helps maximize your energy though the day, and also helps you perform better in your training. It’s by Dr. Barry Sears, you can check him out on line, the best way to start is to by his first book ” Entering the Zone” it gives you the whys and the hows of it.

  • Carry

    I will get the book….I aready eat small amounts all day. Mostly raw almonds,eggs,turkey jerky and some dried fruit and usually salads with chicken or tuna in the mix.
    Unfortunatly, pizza always seems to find it’s way in on the weekends.

  • Luca Z.

    You are almost there then,you just need to figure out how much of each you need every day, don’t worry about the pizza on the W.E. one cheating day per week is ok, just F.Y.I. there’s a second hand books store in Todos Santos square in Concord, I was there last night, they have “entering the zone” for sale for just $6.00

  • Darren

    Me and Sarah today at 4 pm (no trainer?) we did


    Five rounds for max reps of:
    Body weight bench press

    Darren- BW 215 Total reps 183 (PR)
    Sarah – 65 lbs for Bench Total reps 120?

  • Craig

    Carry, do what my wife finally did: get gloves. This whole CF notion of not using gloves is absurd. Nothing wrong with protecting your skin with some good batting gloves or lifting gloves.

  • ultrasarah

    yep! 120! yay!

  • Rick

    Rodil and Jennifer did mile full of burpees today at 6:30
    Rodil-31 minutes
    Jennifer-30 minutes
    awesome job guys