Bryan loves kettlebell swings so much he just winks at the camera, while Carry shows good range of motion form in the background.


Run 5 k

Post time to comments.


Video: Dutch From CrossFit ATM in Texas doing 34 rounds of Cindy.


“Hump Day” Article:

Sexual performance may hold key for men’s health

“What is less well known is that not only blood vessels to the heart are affected by obesity but similar effects occur with the blood vessels to the penis with resulting erectile dysfunction and poor urinary tract function. “

Sounds like evolution at work to me. -jj

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  • Stavros K

    Okay, I’ll repost here. Anyone want to do the 5k with me? I’m down to wait till 4, or plan another time.

  • Craig

    Ran yest – stopped by shed to see if there were takers. Doing Tommy V today. Can run on Thu. if you want to swap out.

    34 is sick…but couldn’t really tell by video speed, those push ups looked half-ass and I’m not sure about full ext on squats.

    Picky? Well, if you take out just 10% of the range (x + .1x = 340, where x = the number of pushups), he did about 309 pushups instead of his 340 (30 rounds – still impressive). If he his range of motion is short by 15%, would put him at 295 pushups.

    From what I could tell, his range of motion was about 70% or so. Thats a huge effort savings – probably 80 or so pushups.

    Form counts.

  • Darren

    Working today. But coming by shed tomorrow at 4 for “Tommy V” A buddy of mine for my fire department had met Tommy a while back, and said he was a great guy. Keep his family in our prayers.