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Jorgy loves the Concept 2 rowing erg.




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Afterward – practice handstands.



Are you taking your Fish Oil pills?

At DCF we do feel that natural foods are the best way to go, and any supplementation is ancillary with few exceptions. One of them is Fish Oil, or more specifically Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Why are our diets so lacking? First of all, if you eat wild tuna, mackerel, sardines and salmon regularly (almost every day) you probably aren’t lacking. These fish are full of ‘fish oil’ (hence the name). But if you also eat wild game meat (Buffalo, Elk, Deer, etc) you are probably in the clear as well. Grass fed beef also is a winner when it comes to Omega-3s. These meats are are not fed with grain or corn, therefore their meat is has about the same amount of Omega-3s as the fish!

You read that correctly. Grass fed beef and wild game meat is full of the best type of fat, and is probably as healthy as eating fish. So if you aren’t a big fish fan, start ordering buffalo instead, and get to Trader Joe’s for some pretty decent grass fed beef. Coincidentally, our hunter-gatherer (see genetic) ancestors only had access to wild fish and game, therefore their diets were chock full of these good fats.

All that being said, fish and grass fed beef are hard to get every day. And if you don’t cook and eat grass fed beef right away it can take on that “gamey” flavor everyone hates. That is where Fish Oil Pills come in. Go out, buy some fish oil pills and take a few with every meal. Reap the rewards without dealing with “fishiness” or “gameyness”.

Today’s articles focus on Omega-3s and brain function, but the benefits don’t stop there. Look through the archives for a ton of more articles on Fish Oil and Omega-3s.

Typical low Omega 3 diet of Americans place kids brains at risk

Fish Oils could protect the brain from decline

Omega 3’s protect against Parkinsons, study says

Eating Fish, Omega-3s, fruit and veggies lowers risk of memory problems

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  • Luca Z.

    In case someone wants to come in and train I’ll be there bet 7:30-8:00 for about an hour or so, I’ll be working on my stuff but you’re welcome to come in and work out, I’ll figure something out to keep you busy.

  • Carry

    Sorry I missed you (Luca) this morning…..Hopefully someone will be there tonight. Maybe I can make it next Fri morn.

  • luca z.

    no problem, I’m there everymorning if you want to stop by

  • Rodil

    One of the Zone Diet books, “The Omega Rx Zone”, talks about the benefits of fish oil. It’s old enough that you might find it at a library.

    For anyone interested in the Zone diet, the main CrossFit website has a bunch of free articles on the CrossFit Journal page. Two points about the Zone diet in particular for CrossFit athletes:

    1) The Zone diet is a reduced-calorie plan, so be sure you’re eating enough based on your amount of exercise.

    2) If a person is below a certain body fat %, he/she needs to eat more fat in addition to what the Zone diet describes. Otherwise, you won’t be eating enough calories and you’ll feel hungry all the time.

    The Nurtition message board at the main CrossFit website probably has a lot of posts on both the Zone diet and fish oil. I have the book “The Top 100 Zone Foods” which has a introduction to the diet and a description of Zone-friendly foods. The book is a few years old so it also might be at your local library.

  • Luca Z.

    I bought mine in a second hand store for cheap I like having them so I can always check them if I need to