080316 SUNDAY


Mike E., a big contributor to this site, shows his finished deck from last Saturday’s crazy Deck of Cards wod. Thanks for your awesome support and motivation Mike!

DCF’s 300:

25 Pull Ups

50 Deadlifts 135lbs

50 Push Ups

50 Box Jumps

50 Knees To Elbows

50 Kettlebell Swings

25 Pull Ups


MUST READ (repost from 2007) – Steve Sisson authored this article in July of last year and caused quite a controversy within the Triathlete / Marathoner community. He is a former Ironman and Marathon winner. In this article he discusses the need for interval and strength training and the debilitating health effects of long slow distance only training.

Article: Training Is No Guarantee Of Health

Check out this cool site: Caveman Power

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  • Mike Erickson

    God what a horrible picture. Evidently that’s the “death grin” Karen says I have sometimes when I get home from the shed .

    I love what DCF is doing for me. My weight has gone from around 175 to 157. My resting heart rate has gone from the low 80’s to low 60’s. My blood pressure from around 125/70 to typically 108/68. My total cholesterol from 240’s to under 150, HDL from 30 to 45. Blood test soon so these numbers may improve. I can’t wait to get some of the nagging injuries out of the way so I can make some progress. Tennis elbow: designed in hell. Hopefully a muscle-up this year if I can get my weight down to 150. I am grateful that you guys started DCF and opened it up to all of us. Thanks to the DCF gurus. I do miss Brian though.

  • Craig

    Brian will be in on Wed at 6:00AM & 8:00AM class!

    What a fantastic testamonial, Mike!! Your results are a direct result of your effort to the principles of CrossFit: high intensity, constantly varied functional movements. Doctors and traditional exercise physiologists would have you on a treadmill grinding out miles, mixed in with some isolation resistance exercise for strength – with no where near the results!

    Thanks for your comments.

  • Craig

    Todays wod:

    Med Ball Madness

    5 Rounds for time:

    20 Wall Balls
    20 Touch & turns
    > Rest for DCF 10 Count (‘one diablo crossfit, two diablocrossfit…’)
    Sprint 100m holding your ball
    10 Med ball Push Ups (1 rep = left arm on ball, then right arm)
    10 Med ball cleans (full squat!)
    > Rest DCF 10 Count
    Sprint 100m back

    Touch & turn: Stand with back to wall 2′ away. Hold med ball in front of you waist high. With feet planted, twist and touch med ball to the wall behind you, then reverse direction and touch ball to the wall as close to the same spot as possible for one complete rep.

    Stavros nailed this with the 20lb ball.

    Me: 25:47 – 14lb ball.

    Kevin kicked my but by 40 secs (25:07). Don’t remember the other times – Brian 2 secs behind me with 20lb ball!

  • Rodil

    I finished the Med Ball Madness in 29:15 I think, so everyone else’s time was below that.

    Kevin mentioned some people at DCF are using Isopure Protein for protein shakes. Can anyone who’s using this give a review?

  • Darren

    What a great pic. Mike your are a bad ass in every sense of the word. I am happy to have found crossfit at such a young age and I am excited to see you push hard. Get healthy and we will see you at the games…..

  • sakura


    that’s amazing! congrats on the progress. i don’t quite remember when you started at DCF. how long did it take you to achieve all of this?

  • Stavros

    Great job today, I absolutely love it when I see people push themselves. As far as protein, I’ve had great luck with Champion Protein. The company is based off of Galaxy Way in Concord and you can buy their stuff for a great price at Vitamin Adventure in Pleasant Hill (near Melos). So far the good flavors are Coffee-Macchiato(something like that), banana, and chocolate is okay. Large amount of protein per serving, low cal and lower carb. Whichever powder you go with make sure you read the label well in terms of how much protein per serving(i.e. per scoop). Also check out http://www.bodybuilding.com for good prices on stuff. Let me know if I can help at all.


  • sakura


    Are you Zoning? And if you are, how are you incorporating your protein powders with it? I was told that it was better to use natural proteins like chicken but sometimes I’m on the go with the little one so I need something quick.


  • J Jones

    Protein powders are fine on the Zone. But you are right, they should be used as a ‘supplement’ not a main part of your protein intake (i.e. once a day or less).

    Until recently I had been zoning for a few years now. I did the weigh and measure thing briefly when I started, but I should probably try it again to re-calibrate.

    Lately I tried my own version of the “Anabolic Diet”. Based on some talks with Robb Wolf and Adrian Bozman from CF San Fran. I can’t say that I noticed any real body comp changes (I am already pretty lean on the fat side). I was hoping for some strength gains, and maybe some more lean mass.

    I have PRed some lifts recently, but nothing to scream about. My bodyweight is a little higher than I started, but that progress is also ‘nominal’.

    One thing I have noticed is that my performances in the CF metacons have suffered. I think I am going to go back to a more regular Zone/Paleo style for a while with my Intermittent Fasts like before and see how my performance changes.


  • J Jones

    and BTW.

    That is an awesome picture!

    From now on, Mike will be known as “Mike ‘CRAZY EYES’ Erickson”.


  • Mike Erickson

    Hi Sakura,

    I started at DCF in June of last year. I had made some improvements from changing my diet and working out at home previously but most of my changes and the weight loss are due to crossfit. I’m not done yet, I hope to get under 150 lbs and get much fitter before I start that long slide into obsolescence. I may have a couple of decades of crossfit left in me if I’m lucky. God, I love this stuff.

    Re the pic: I know if I’m patient the days will pass and that picture will fade off of the main page. I’ll keep telling myself from now on “Don’t look at the camera, DON’T look at the camera.”

    -Mike E