080317 MONDAY


I wonder where our 2 pood kettlebell is… Probably lost in the mail.



As Many Rounds As Possible In 20 Minutes

2 Muscle Ups

4 Handstand Push Ups

8 Kettlebell swings 2 Pood


Max rounds in 20 minutes

10 Kettlebell swings (1.5 pood)

5 Sumo dead-lift high pull (65lbs)

5 Burpies

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Article- Beer and Fitness, Can It Be?

Rant/Statement- How much beer do you drink? How about hard alcohol? Nicole talks about a guy whos diet mainly consisted of beer and meat and lost weight. What are the benifits of not drinking? I myself am not old enough to know, I was just wondering.

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  • Stavros

    I just went to Half-Price books in Concord and they had a few Zone titles left. I purchased “Enter the Zone” and “Zone Meals in Seconds”. I also have “Mastering the Zone” at home. I’m going to bring by my extra copies to the shed so if anyone wants to read them, borrow for a bit they can.
    As far as my protein intake and the zone, I’m trying to figure all that out right now. Basically it would fall in to the snack/small meal category but I’m not sure where. I’ll get back to you Sakura about that one. Anyone else have input. On a sidenote, since we’ve had this ongoing discussion about the Zone, my eating habits have been crap the last week.

  • J Jones

    Coach Rutman has a Guinness a day. It only has 5.7g of carbs so it is less than one Zone block worth.

    It also has less total calories than most other beers (170 in a pint, and 242 in a pint of Miller Genuine Draft).

    Now go enjoy St. Patty’s day responsibly (by drinking Guinness).


  • sakura

    thanks, stavros. and thanks for answering as well, jeremy. my zoning has been a little off–i had pnuemonia this past week.

    anyone have an opinion on “zone” bars? i know brendan and shari eat balance bars as a part of their zone diets but of course, like protein powders, aren’t the best source.

  • Rodil

    Stavros – thanks for the comment and feedback on the protein powder. Which product from Champion Protein are you using? I checked out their website and saw they’ve got a bunch of different protein powders.

    I try to have a Zone balanced snack an hour before a workout, then a protein shake (powder mixed with milk, sometimes fruit) right afterwards. I’ve only been using the shakes for about ten days now. Since I started, I don’t feel quite as worn out from the WOD when I go to bed.

    Sakura – I’ve tried a couple of the Zone bars (Chocolate carmel, mint chocolate, chocolate coconut, apple) and they taste pretty good. I try to keep a few in my car in case I can’t get home for a Zone friendly meal. I figure eating one is better than getting a burger or regular candy bar. If I’m at home or work, I try to eat “real” food for a Zone snack.

  • sakura

    Do you know if the Zone bars are a 1 block snack? Oh, and awesome job on the progress! I remember first seeing you at the Open House. =] Are you Filipino? My husband is and so I thought I’d ask.

  • Rodil

    Sakura – The Zone bars are about a 2 Block snack but a little heavy on the fat side (about 6g of fat=4 blocks of fat instead of 3g=2 blocks of fat). I like the taste but I try not to eat them too often.

    Thanks for the compliment on my progress! I’m really glad I visited the Open House and joined DCF. I actually found the website almost a year earlier but I couldn’t fit the class times into my schedule.

    Yes, I’m Filipino. When Luca was describing the Zone diet to me, I was thinking “How am I gonna give up eating rice?” I was eating rice at least two meals a day. I’ll still eat a little with dinner now and then but mostly try to keep my plate filled with vegatables and fruit, then meat. I’m not counting Zone blocks yet, just doing the “hand-eye” method. I’m lucky that my parents live nearby but they cook all that tasty (and fatty) Filipino food like lumpia, lechon, adobo chicken, etc. Does your husband or mother-in-law make that stuff?

  • luca z

    Sakura as Rodil said, the zone bars are 2 blocks, they also sell 1 block zone snack too, just try not to eat too many of them, they are packed with sugar, a major no no of any low calories diet.

  • J Jones

    Yeah. If I remember correctly, zone bars have corn syrup and soy (both bad news).

    Better than a granola or power bar, but still not as good as real food. Like the shakes, it is a great supplement when in a pinch.


  • sakura

    thanks, guys. i have yet to try a bar and was curious. i didn’t want to develop a taste for them if they weren’t a good sub for a snack.

    my mother-in-law makes everything imaginable! she lives with us now so it’s so hard to turn the things she makes down. i try to eat a little here and there to show her that i like the food, but i think she understands what i’m trying to do. OMG…LOVE Filipino food. hahaha. and i too was raised on daily white rice since my dad is japanese. though, it’s not hard to go without for me since i’m so americanized. =]

  • J Jones

    I think I am going to have to pull rank and ban all discussions of Chicken Adobo and Lumpia.

    (Damn people are making me WAAAY too hungry!).