080321 FRIDAY



Ronnie is an awesome fighter who does Shootfighting in the Fairfield and Vallejo area (Check out the “Tracy’s Karate Studios” link on our friends list). He stopped by our 0600 class to get some Fight Gone Bad love (you can tell he really enjoys the sumo deadlift high pulls).



Four rounds for time:

Run 400 meters

Rest 2 minutes

Post time to comments.



It turns out we missed this announcement in January, but set your TiVos to find and record the special “Fit to Live” that aired in January.

When Fitness Means Life or Death: NYT article

If anyone can find some clips, feel free to send them to me at jeremy (at) diablocrossfit.com

(Thanks to Rodil for the heads up)


An update on Dustin Carter. . .

(click here to watch a video we posted about Dustin a while back).


He is going to the State Championships (click on the link to the left for the full article).

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  • Craig

    Awesome pic – right up there with the Jorgy and Rick pic of 2006!

  • jorgy

    Ya that guy looks almost dead. Was this his first WOD??

  • Stavros

    Did a workout at 8:30PM tonight at the station;

    CFWU X3(from CFHQ)
    400m X4(2min rest in between)

    Felt great!

  • Darren

    Fight Gone Bad

    385 PR!

    Got 363 18 days ago.

    Missed Jorgy’s DCF record by 3.

    That work out absolutely worked me

    AND Love the pic. FGB will make any grown man cry

  • jorgy

    Damn D you’ve been tryin to get me in every workout lately. I think that i am going to do my next CFT saturday and if my scores are a little higher i want to go back yo my regiment, i miss crossfit

  • Craig

    Nice work – Stav: I’m feeling much better too. It feels good to feel good – right?

    Well done Darren. You guys are frikkin’ incredible.

  • J Jones

    I would say it is was Ronnie’s first full blown ‘legit’ CF workout. . .but he is in amazing shape. He is 135 soaking wet and he did everything as Rxed. Not to mention that he didn’t get much sleep before leaving his house at 5am to come down.

    That being said, and after seeing the differences between my performances in the AM vs the PM, I sincerely believe that I am not a morning person. I ALWAYS do better later in the day. I challenge anyone to get consistent PRs in at the 0600 class. It is just harder.

    I did this workout last night at the park (mapped it out ahead of time).

    Total time 11:41. Dodging dogs and basketballs the entire time. I collapsed at the end and did get one concerned dog walker to ask “Are you Okay!?”

    Ahh, good times.


  • Nate

    Way to represent on the affiliate page today, JJ. Love to see not counting the 3/4 rep…which is something we all can do better. If your chin isn’t over the bar, it doesn’t count.

  • J Jones

    Too bad my burpee form starts to get fuzzy toward the end.

    Ah well, you can’t win them all.


  • Craig

    16:00h Class – Nate’s Special:

    For time. Men 35lbs dumbells, Women 25lbs

    200m Farmers Walk
    5 Man Makers – DCF Style!
    200m Waiter’s Walk (100m right arm, 100m left)
    5 Man Makers
    200m Run
    5 Man Makers

    Carry, Stav, Rodil, Moises & Nate – awesome wod!

  • Stavros

    Great 1600hrs workout today at DCF;

    Nate’s Dumbell Special-

    200m Farmers Walk
    5 DCF Man Makers
    200m Waiters Walk(switch at 100m)
    5 DCF Man Makers
    200m Run
    5 DCF Man Makers

    The crew was Nate, Craig, myself, Carry, Rodil, and Moises. Great effort by all!

    ps- Rodil, can you link me to that Zone.pdf file you were talking about, also awhile ago somebody mentioned a “Trader Joes” shopping list, does that ring a bell?

  • Stavros

    Haha, Craig and I are nerds. We probably have the same outfit on right now. I guess DCF minds think alike.

  • jorgy

    Stav, the best link to follow would be Robb Wolf’s link on the left side of our page. He is very insightful and well read about nutrition so check it out.

  • Stavros

    Here’s the article I wanted to find, just read it…wow, this is what I needed.