Brian Nesmith returned to The Shed for an early morning Fight Gone Bad workout this week. It was good to have him back even if it was only temporary. We expect big things from Brian in the future as he starts his own affiliate!


Go hunt easter eggs (or the easter bunny). Whichever suits you best.



The Aussies know a few things about dental care apparently.

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  • Craig

    If you want to do a run in the Shell Preserve tomorrow, then meet at the SHED at 8:00!

  • Stavros

    Sorry, didn’t get off till 8 home at 9.30. Have a good Easter everyone. Is the schedule back on for tomorrow morning?

  • Darren

    Alright I have been fighting it for 2 days and now I am offically sick. Thanks Craig.

    Hoppy Easter to my crossfit family.

  • Stavros

    Just lead my wife through her first CF workout. Started with the basics;

    Push Ups
    Sit Ups

    Then we went on a 4 mile run. Finished in about 36 mins while pushing both my kids in the jogger.

  • Darren

    Go Jazzy, nice work. Hope she will drink the kool aid and if she does have her give some to my wife.

  • Moises

    Hope you all had a great Easter, see you guys tomorrow in the morning.

  • jorgy

    Gonna be there tomorrow at 8???