080324 MONDAY


A throwback of Darren, I didn’t have one with his new mustache so i pasted one on him.


30 Muscle Ups for time

If you cannot do the muscle-ups do 120 pull-ups and 120 dips


Pyramid to 15 of:

Pull up & 65lb Overhead Press

You can use multiple sets per rung on the ladder. Kipping pull ups and push press or jerk are allowed only on rungs 10 and higher (two digit rungs), otherwise it’s dead hang pull ups and strict shoulder press.

Post Time and Weight To Comments



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  • Stavros


    The worst part is, in reality his mustache is WAY worse. It looks like a squirrel dies on his lips.

  • J Jones


    Ripped both hands. The Shed needs more tape.

    Nice work on the 10~ minutes Jorgy!


  • jorgy

    It was my first time doing it, the plan was to do as many as possible right off the bat but i could only do three with the full extension. Rick was there bad mouthing me so it helped my time.

  • J Jones

    Rick is such a nice motivator.


  • jorgy

    he can turn your fran time from more than five minutes to under four, just by using a few select words not intended for children’s ears.

  • Darren

    Fear the “stache”

    Everybody loves “March Mustache Madness”

  • jorgy

    i like it, thats why i talk about it so much. it is something that could go in the world record books as being the best looking red mustache ever

  • ultrasarah

    my mom has got D beat except hers is darker!! Hope to see you silly boys today!!

  • J Jones

    I was going to make a “Dirty Sanchez” comment. Then decided against it.

    Good thing I have a good brain-to-keyboard filter.


  • jorgy

    Well that is his nickname “Dirty D” the most Sanchez of them all.

  • Rodil

    Showed up for 4:00 pm class – Shed closed?

  • Darren

    If could be any Sanchez it would have to the dirtiest one.

  • Craig

    SORRY to 4:00PM CLASS! I got stuck in a meeting today with no way out and no way to communicate!!

    My bad.

  • J Jones