080325 TUESDAY



Oh the fun we have at the Shed

Lose your Breakfast with Luca:

4 Rounds for time of:

10 Turkish Get Up/Lunge, Lunge/ Lie Down(5 each arm 20%BW)

10 DB Power Cleans(20%BW)

400m Run

Post time and comments


It’s official low fat diets are wrongRead the article here

“Low-fat diets didn’t reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer or invasive breast cancer, according to three large studies published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The researchers divided 48,835 women into two groups based on diet– one group with 19,541 women consumed a low fat diet and the other group with 29,294 women consumed their usual diets ­– and followed the women for 8.1 years.”

“. . . Politically correct dietary theory, for example, postulates that high-fat diets — particularly diets high in animal and saturated fats – can raise cholesterol levels to unhealthy levels. But in the much-vaunted Framingham Heart Study involving 5,200 men and women who have been extensively studied in over 1,000 published reports since 1948, high cholesterol levels were not associated with increased heart disease risk after age 47.

After age 47, in fact, those whose cholesterol went down had the highest risk of a heart attack. “For each 1 mg/dl drop of cholesterol there was an 11 percent increase in coronary and total mortality,” reported the study’s authors.”




The 7 people at Monday’s 0600 class was already a blur of motion before sunrise. What were you doing?


As many times as possible, complete the following exercises

20 sledge hammer swings (15lb men / 10lb women)

20 dumbbell push presses (35lb men / 15lb women)

100m dumbbell farmer walk (45lb men / 30lb women)


“God’s Workout” – By Virginia Heffernan (a non CrossFiter).

“The superfit walk among us. They saunter or strut, depending on whether they’re showcasing their magnificent agility or their oxlike strength. They ignore the chatter in the health media over treadmill technique and pedometer steps. They scoff even at seemingly rigorous practices like Mysore Ashtanga yoga and marathon training. They are America’s self-styled fitness elite, adherents of a punishing online exercise regime called CrossFit, which orders its followers to cultivate a distinctly martial — not to say paranoid — ideal of “physical preparedness. . .”

And Lisabeth Darsh owner/trainer from CrossFit Watertown has already issued a response:

CrossFit: Preparing for Imagined Moments of Heroism

“Let’s hope that Virginia Heffernan is right and we’re wrong. Let’s hope, like she writes in her New York Times article (God’s Workout), that we CrossFitters are preparing for “an imagined moment of heroism that may never come.” May all of our efforts at achieving a fighting level of General Physical Preparedness (GPP) just be the result of succumbing to ridiculous hyperbole designed to make us buy into Greg Glassman’s crazy dream of bringing people home alive. Let’s hope (outside of the military, fire, and law enforcement personnel among us) that we civilians and desk jockeys never once have to use physical strength to survive in this world.

That’s a big hope. . .”

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Mike Erickson

    The desire to be really fit is “paranoid”? That’s the most obvious sour grapes attitude I’ve ever seen. Lazy b___h. Life is about never giving up, never depending on someone else to save your ass, IF YOU CAN HELP IT. Al Decascos (Wun Hop Kuen Do founder) said it best: “Fail to prepare [?]…prepare to fail”. Crossfit is the opposite of the entitlement attitude, the epitome of work ethic. As far as depending on military, fire, law enforcement personnel, I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but most of the time in our normal lives, I don’t see these people around. They are not blanketing the planet from horizon to horizon just waiting for something to happen. If you happen to be Johnny-on-the-spot when something goes down your ability to survive or contribute to a positive outcome is TOTALLY on you and your capabilities. Your physical and mental fitness may be the difference between you surviving another 50 years on this planet or having your life snuffed out. None of the above even addresses the fact that being really fit enhances everything you do, it improves mental acuity, lowers stress levels and generally improves the quality of your life in every way. Crossfitters don’t have to try to justify their lifestyle to anyone. It’s a no brainer.

  • J Jones

    Good points Mike. I have trained with Mr. Dacascos (Pronounced “Dah-Kos-Kos”) on a few occasions, and really enjoyed every seminar.

    On another note, I read this today on the CF mainpage comments:

    “The importance of proper form ALL the way through, as we all know, is number one on the list of lift priorites. As Kelly was saying that if, and I paraphrase, your form is off on the bottom, it will progress and manifest all the way up, growing like a bad ugly fungi.

    Even seasoned professionals, and crossfit diehards, occasionally can make a mistake, and the results CAN be devistating.

    In the begining of January, going for a 410lb deadlift, after pulling up 400 with ease (33 m 190), I was overzealous and over anxious. I have been a trainer and strength and conditioning coach for 9 years, and a die hard crossfitter, swearing by it’s methods as it has changed my life in every aspect.

    Shoulders not over load, slight round in back, adreniline pouring out of my ears and the gamma rays begining to turn my skin green as I gripped the bar, kicked back knees, raised my butt, and stood straight up! No joke! Looking at my self in the mirror telling myself, as I held the weight “you are screwed.” And I was.

    3 months later. 2 surgical injections. A bazillion doctors appointments (for those of you that don’t know, a bazillion is a little more than a $hit load), and yesterdays confirmation of the inevitable impending doom of surgery. My 4th back surgery. This will be my second lamanectamy. A fusion of L4-L5 and L5-S1, plates, screws, and more recovery time. A brake from Crossfit will be mandatory at that point.

    For those of you who like to push the envelope a little, for thsoe of you that think it is okay to cheat a little or want to rush into a heavy lift..heck, it doesn’t even have to be heavy..for those of you new to CF or lifting, gynastics, or any other of the modalities crossfit utilizes, form and function is KEY. PVC deadlifts, snatches, cleans, etc, doesn’t make you a wimp…it makes you wise. Get your form down, waych the videos, listen to the lectures…and stay away from getting overzealous!

    A month or two before surgery, and I will continue to train and deliver results to my clients via CF training, and then I will become a die hard student of CF during recovery from surgery.

    That is my story, and I am sticking to it!

    3…2…1…..GO !”

    Stay safe everyone.


  • JimmyG

    JJ- We were using 35lbs on the push press there buddy!!

  • Carry

    Notice how the article is missing any comments from CrossFitters. Why not interview someone who is participating and get their point of view?

    Her research probably consisted of reading the CrossFit Website while sitting in her chair using one of those ‘sit and peddal’ things she got from a catalog.

  • Craig

    Ms. Hefferman’s perception of CrossFit is likely shared by many people. I think some of her observations are accurate and are likely the same observations that many casual observers and first time participants of CrossFit might have.

    Slogans like “My warm-up is your workout” and “Smoke You Like Cheap Crack”, pictures of Rhabdo the Clown, videos of feats of strength and acrobatics and 2min Frans all create a perception that CrossFit is brutally demanding, dangerous and, elitist.

    Furthermore, the daily website posts most often give glorious praise to all things CrossFit and Coach Glassman, while criticisms are viciously attacked with emotion more often than logic. The daily posts and the message board could give the impression that CrossFit is “cult-like.”

    Lizbeth’s (CrossFit Watertown) emotional response does not fully address the author’s perceptions of CrossFit. Ironically, her rebuttal to the NYT article gave me the perception that Lizbeth hopes that a catastrophic event will happen to the author so that she’ll understand the benefits of CrossFit. The FACT is that many Navy Seals, Fireman and Policemen do NOT train CrossFit style and do their jobs quite successfully. Many Moms chase & lift their toddlers daily without CrossFit and many Therapists lift 70 year-olds off the floor without CrossFit. Some of these people follow other fitness regimins and some have no physical fitness regimin at all. And many people have saved themselves from airplane crashes, attacks from muggers and more, all without CrossFit. The horror!!

    On the other hand, CrossFit works. By “works,” I mean, (as Mike E. said above) CrossFit improves your physical fitness, health and lowers stress levels. It is fun, challenging and not repetitious. And, based upon my fitness experiences, I believe, CrossFit works faster, with less time per workout, than most other fitness regimins, including yoga and jogging. I also believe that a CrossFit trained individual is likely more functionally fit than someone training with other methods. However, that does not mean that other fitness programs do not “work” and that you may not be able to survive a catastrophe without CrossFit.

    What is my point? We should acknowledge that many newcomers to CrossFit share Ms. Hefferman’s perceptions of CrossFit. We should acknowledge that many of Ms. Hefferman’s observations may be accurate. And, my opinion is that if we are interested in encouraging more people like Ms. Hefferman to choose CrossFit then we should consider ways to overcome Ms. Hefferman’s perceptions.

    Part of me thinks that a tough, elitist image benefits DCF – thus only the truly committed will want to participate. However, I believe that almost everyone would benefit tremendously from a CrossFit style fitness regimin. Also, once someone indulges in CrossFit, they soon learn the significant advantages versus other programs. So, I get disappointed when I talk to people about CrossFit and then they see the DCF & CF sites and never get engaged. We certainly can’t please everyone and we don’t have to justify our lifetyles to anyone, but, I think DCF could do more to make CF more inviting or perhaps less intimidating. As Greg Glassman says, CF is scalable – and DCF should embody that fact. Scaling does not mean simply adjusting the weight to finish the wod. Scaling includes adjusting the weight, the movement, the range of motion, the time, the frequency, etc. Many CrossFit participants may likely “scale” their workouts forever.

    Acknowledging the truths in Ms. Hefferman’s article is a good start to growing our community and changing people’s misperceptions about CrossFit.

  • Craig

    Bummer JJ. A real bummer.

    I love strength training. But, I do worry about the 1 rep max. The desire to achieve a new level of weight often overcomes desire to maintain form. Professionals have coaches standing over them to insure proper technique. Amatuers like me only hear the voice inside their own heads “you can get this!”

    Heed jj’s advice above or, avoid the 1RPM.

  • J Jones

    Duly noted Mr. Greninger. That was a typo.



  • Mike Erickson

    jj, scared the crap out of me. I read your post quickly and I thought you were talking about yourself. Took a little more time to read it at lunch and realize that’s J rock on the main site talking. A really crappy deal for J rock, glad that didn’t happen to you. Whew.

    Craig, you told me something at the very beginning (the day we met) “If you come down and work out with us, we care. If you don’t come, we don’t care.” I thought that was pretty cool, still do.

  • J Jones

    To re-iterate those comments were from J roCK on the main page. Not me.

    Thank you for your concern.


  • Craig

    jj: whew. thought for sure that was you. read the article slow and the posts fast! Bummer for JRock. Enthusiastic kid.

    Thanks for remembering, Mike. I say that to almost everyone that emails us. I get your point. If Ms. Hefferman showed up, she would have encountered a cool place to workout, where everyone does care, and get fit – fast. It likely would have been a different article.

  • sakura

    awesome post, craig…in response to the article. i read the article earlier this morning and had mixed feelings about it. there are times when i can see how we are like a cult, but it’s not for the reasons hefferman pointed out. i wonder if she sees the health benefits crossfit provides and that people of all walks of life participate.

    in the beginning when i was introduced to CF by my husband, i thought crossfitters were nuts. then i came to Diablo and and that all changed.

    even though i haven’t been in a long time, i still try at home with the help of my husband. i wanted to thank the trainers and members of Diablo for all of the training when i was there. you all are an amazing family! never before have i met such motivating, supportive and fit people in my life. =]

  • Luca Z.

    I thought you were going to say …i thought crossfitters were nuts. then i came to Diablo and…
    I saw that it was true eheheh, thanks for the kind words, you have been miss at the Shed, nice pic of you and Kaela on One World’s site, she’s getting so big

  • sakura

    well, jorgy is a little nuts with his KB juggling but the rest of you are “ok”. jk. kaela is growing. so fast! at 7mos she’s one inch shorter than our friend’s 1yr old. still dainty though. only about 15.5lbs.