Remember that Luca’s Muay Thai class is open to all DCFers. No experience necessary!


6 rounds for time.

24 Double Unders

12 “L” pull ups

If you cannot do “L” pull ups, do 10 assisted pull ups and accumulate 20 seconds of “L Hangs” each round. An “L Hang” is completed by hanging on the bar and pointing your legs parallel to the ground creating an “L” shape. If this is too challenging, bend the knees so that only the thighs are parallel to the ground (shins pointing straight down).

Post time to comments.


Special Event at CrossFit Oakland this Saturday:

March 28th, from 9a.m. to 11a.m. CrossFit Oakland will honor the lives of Sgt Mark Dunakin , Officer John Hege, Sgt Daniel Sakai, and Sgt Ervin Romans. They will be doing a Hero WOD called “OPD” and asking that every participant donate a minimum of $10 to help the families of the slain officers.

If you want to donate directly to the trust funds that have been established:

Three trust funds have been set up to help the families of three of the slain officers. Checks can be made out to Dunakin Children’s Family Trust, Romans Children’s Family Trust and Sakai Family Trust. The checks can be mailed to the Oakland Police Officers Association, Attn: Renee Hassna, 555 Fifth St,, Oakland CA 94607.

Wire transfers can be made directly to Merrill Lynch accounts for the three families: Dunakin Children’s Family Trust, a/c #204-04065; Romans Children’s Family Trust, a/c #204-04066; Sakai Family Trust, a/c #204-04064.



“Hunger Hormones” affected by poor sleep.

“. . .On the face of it, a decreased level of ghrelin would seem to inhibit weight gain; it is an increase in ghrelin, after all, that stimulates appetite. But Motivala compared his findings with other, earlier studies on sleep deprivation and speculates that a switch may occur during the day: Sleep loss leads to increased ghrelin and decreased leptin, a “double whammy” that stimulates appetite. Motivala is currently working on a study to examine this switch. . .”

Click here for complete article.

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • luca z.

    Holly cow we had 53 comments yesterday, that must be a record!!!!
    I hope to see many of you in my class tonight at 6:30

  • Holly

    Luca! Did you just call me a cow???!!!! lol

  • Miles

    I’d love to go over to Oakland for the benefit on Saturday, is anyone going to caravan or meet up first?

  • jimmyg

    6am Fight Fit was getting some!! 11 peeps beating stuff up!!

    6am is placing an all points bulletin (APB) for a green short wearing, lil mack looking cross-fitter that goes by the name of DANIMAL. Where is he? We miss him, we love him…hehe

  • matt ..6am

    bummed i missd fight fit today..
    I got called in to work at 2am to do battle with a naughty steam boiler
    Hitting the bags is always fun.


  • jordan k

    6 am kicked some serious ass. i went too hard actually and yacked in the bathroom.
    but hey—-GO HARD OR GO HOME! crossvestite for life.

  • luca z.

    Holly, I’ve called ” animal” or “beast” before, but never too specific, cow is not the type of animal I think off when I see you work out, eheheh.
    And speaking of animals, the ladies in my Muay-Thai class are showing how it’s done to the guys, two perfect examples in the picture, Tami “Steel” Laci and Lauren ” I just started but i can kick you butt” Lederer, I can always use more women in my class.

  • Yvonne

    Who is going with the ladies Saturday night? Need know today by 4PM. Click my name below in orange and let me know.

  • Katie Waggoner

    I was wondering if any of the DCF ladies have been pregnant while doing CF workouts? I am 14 weeks along and was wondering if anyone has any advice or tips on what to do and what to modify in the workouts. Any advice would be great!


  • Ruiner @ KoreaSmellsFunny

    Crossfit total tonight. 2200 Thursday, Korea time. Here’s the verdict.


    I felt a little dizzy after the last DL but I think I had more in the tank. The warm up may have taken a bit though.

  • Carry

    Katie….talk to Sarah! She’s the authority on working out ‘pregnant’.

  • Carry

    I don’t know what was better @ the 0600 class….Chanda continuing 10 sec after we called ‘time’ doing her ‘ground and pound’, Jordan doing his double unders with his tongue out…or the freaks who stuck around to do two finger pull-ups after the WOD! (me included)

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Ruiner…YOU STUD!!!!

    The first official DCF’er to a 1,000# CFT. Way to go BROTHA!!! You’re a stud. Miss you, stay safe.

  • Mark L.

    Tonight’s WOD looks like fun. I’ll have a “FULL WARMUP” just to make sure this one challenges all of us (i.e. finishes us off).
    See everyone at 5, 6 and 7!

  • Mark L.

    By the way, is there any way to kip the L pullup? 😎 I have 18 consecutive strict dead hangs, so I’ll probably be OK, but what about others?

  • Holly

    Katie there is a website called http://www.crossfitmom.com that is all about doing crossfit while pregnant. They even break it down into trimesters which is really cool so check it out!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Kip the L-pull up similarly to how you kip a knee to elbow. Keep legs straight and use momentum from kip when legs get to a 90* to get chin over the bar…make sense?

  • Bryan S.

    Kip the L-Pullup???? I was worried about doing a normal one and you guys are talking about kipping. Crazy talk. I need to re-do my workout strategy now.

  • Mark L.

    Stav, it sounds like you’re saying not to keep your legs in the 90 degree “L” the whole time (which is the way I do them). So, coming from chin over bar, take them out of the “L” at bottom, and put them back into the “L” just as you’re pulling (which *becomes* the kip?)

  • Jeremy Jones

    I think that kipping L sits (where you just use the shoulder, and your legs stay parallel to the ground) are harder than dead hangs. The momentum of the legs wanting to swing down is just too much for my abdominals.


  • Craig

    Congrats, Mike on your CFT 1000!! Thats awesome.

    I love the new knick name: “Holly Cow”! Such a contrast it’s hilarious.

    “That ain’t no ordinary cow, folks, thats a Holly Cow.”

  • Yvonne

    KATIE, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Another woman setting the bar even higher!

    Anyone still interested in climbing stairs on Saturday??? There is still time! Click upcoming events for details.
    I guess the oldest members and the youngest members will represent DCF on Saturday.

  • Jared

    Hey Guys… not sure if you guys ever were able to organize a group purchase of some local grass-fed beef, etc… but here is a good resource for you if not…


    If you are a big meat eater (which most of you should be), this will save you some serious $$$, not to mention that the quality of the meat is beyond compare. If you aren’t aware of the difference between feedlot beef and pasture raised, I encourage you to watch this…

    Buy local baby.

  • sarah

    Yvonne- im in! my stinking email isnt working correctly…GGGGGRRRRR!!!!

    Katie- Congrats!! Call me we’ll chat! Just a quick warning though…If you crossfit while pregnant be prepared to have a crazy, savage baby! I look at all the things Olie does and am amazed at her strength! 707-365-0557….I look forward to speaking to you!

  • Mountain

    24x double unders
    12x “L” pullups

    Six rounds for time. 12:21 RX

    Double unders were surprisingly good– none of the sets were unbroken, but they were all only one or two breaks until the last round. The “L” pullups were ugly, though. Last four rounds required kipping into an “L” position, then desperately trying to hold my feet above waist-level while doing a dead-hang. Whether that’s really RX or not, I don’t know.

    If Holly gets the nickname “Holly Cow,” then Carry should get the nickname “My Little Pony.” It makes for a good pair. One day, we could all have animal nicknames… except me, of course.

  • sarah

    Yvonne- im in! my stinking email isnt working correctly…GGGGGRRRRR!!!!

    Katie- Congrats!! Call me we’ll chat! Just a quick warning though…If you crossfit while pregnant be prepared to have a crazy, savage baby! I look at all the things Olie does and am amazed at her strength! 707-365-0557….I look forward to speaking to you!

  • sarah

    Yvonne- im in! my stinking email isnt working correctly…GGGGGRRRRR!!!!

    Katie- Congrats!! Call me we’ll chat! Just a quick warning though…If you crossfit while pregnant be prepared to have a crazy, savage baby! I look at all the things Olie does and am amazed at her strength! 707-365-0557….I look forward to speaking to you!

  • sarah

    wow…that sucks! Sorry guys!

  • Katie W

    Thanks Sarah, I am gonna try to make it to the 9:30 class on Monday, we could chat then. If not, I will call you. I look forward to having a crazy strong Crossfit baby 🙂

  • Mark L.

    Open gym
    D-Roe: 10:50 RX
    Mark: 11:21 RX (dead hang “L” until round 5)
    Bryan S. 15:12 RX
    Jamie J. 17:23 (blue band/”L” hangs)


  • ronnielo

    New Goal for 2009. Learn how to do double unders !! Good luck to the stair racers on Saturday make DCF proud.

  • Craig

    2 Consecutive muscle ups – fairly routine.

    Nick, you’re going to owe me a case of beer.

  • Nick

    We will see

  • Ruiner @ KoreaSmellsFunny

    Congtats Katie. Babies are quite a blessing. Any woman who has the tenacity to Crossfit despite being prego will undoubtedly have the strength and fortitude to make and amazing wife and mother…Keep It Up.

    I’m trying to maintain just a little bit of that tencaity while overseas.

    Stav–Last night may have been the hardest total yet for me because the gym was empty save for myself and another guy and his girlfriend. No music, no tv, just this jerk trying to teach his GF how to do “proper” bicep curls and lateral raises.
    It was quite a distraction.

  • Bryan S.

    Great work at the 5pm class from everyone. The effort was awesome for such a difficult workout. Props to Shannon for showing up after already doing an hour and a half PT and beating my time.

  • Jeremy Jones


    Broke up the Ls from the beginning (3s and 4s). Went to singles after round 4.


  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Annie today at St.5

    15:59 as RX’d

    Sadly enough, I think it’s my first time doing this WOD as RX’d in under 16 mins. Really pathetic DU’s as always.

    Afterward, I did some rowing.

    1,000m Row- 3:39.1

  • Mark L.

    Boy do people love L pullups. People came back for seconds. I didn’t let them. Only one L pullup workout per day; it’s in one of the Crossfit Journals!
    Great work on everyone’s part tonight. Rae Lynn got her first 2 consecutive double unders, then 3, then 6!
    Jeremy showed up for my 6pm class and set the PR for the day (10:28). My “L” pullups were prettier, though. 😎

  • Jeremy Jones

    Only prettier because you have such sexy legs.


  • Mark L.

    JJ, I was wondering why you were lying on the ground under the Diablotron the whole time I was doing the WOD. So weird. Now it makes sense. =)
    Clearly, you have a taste for chicken legs.

  • Darren

    Mark def. had best L pull ups of the day. It is alot easier when your legs are 1/2 the size of every one else, but never the less best of the day. Congrats on being short Mark.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Wow, we’ve come a long way. Calling people out on who’s movement is “prettier”. As long as we’re on the subject…my moustouche is “prettier”


  • Andrew

    facial hair? how do you grow this facial hair….? ( i only shave every few days)

  • Jeremy Jones

    After taking a picture of D-Roe today in front of the flag. . . I don’t know Stav. . . D’s stash is pretty damn pretty. That’s a tough call.


  • Mark L.

    Darren, congrats on having a wife who can do better HSPU than you… little short ones like me. =)

  • Darren

    JJ those pictures tell a thousand words, just I don’t think any wants to hear those words.

  • Mark L.

    OK. I just looked at both pics. One thing’s for sure: D-Roe and Stavros both have prettier facial hair than I could ever hope to grow. I will vouch for the better photo composition of D-Roe’s photo, though. I hope that one gets posted, soon… like TOMORROW! JJ, you know the one where we adjusted the hat bill? You know what I’m talking about…