Myself showing the camera how much I enjoyed the 30 muscle up workout on Monday.

Sorry for the late post folks. The day got busy. . . and then I ended up at the hospital last night.

I ripped both my wrists during the 30 muscle ups for time workout from the CrossFit mainpage on Monday. No big deal, done it a few times. In fact, they didn’t even bleed. I just lost a layer of skin. Tuesday afternoon I noticed a red line of inflammation going up my left arm.

I have seen it before, and I was pretty sure what it was. I called the advice nurse and they confirmed that I needed to go to the hospital right away because the little ‘scratch’ I had was “streaking” and that was a sign of blood poisoning.

After about 5 hours at the hospital, I was discharged after 1am. I got my Tetnus booster shot, an IV full of antibiotics and a bandage on my wrist. In the wait room, I also determined that “American Idol” has got to be one of the most annoying shows and that I’ll never understand why people enjoy it. I think I would rather watch television in Japan (and that’s saying a lot).

I guess the lesson is to pay attention even to minor injuries you have experienced in the past, and make sure you clean and cover any open cuts or abrasions before going on with your daily stuff.

I would like to mention that I do not think it was the rings that caused the infection. I believe that it happened some time in the next 24 hours when I didn’t address my wrist at all.

Thanks to Jimmy and Kelly for holding down the fort and running the 0600 class for me. It is probably a good thing I didn’t try and make it. I would have been very grumpy and it would have been hard not to take it out on our 0600 team.



Women need to eat more protein. Especially when they get older (link)

“The researchers, from the University of Nottingham in the UK and Washington University School of Medicine in the US, speculated that the inability of the female body to perform the same function as effectively was linked to the hormonal changes of the menopause.”

“. . .From the age of 50 onwards, people lose up to 0.4% of muscle mass every year.

This can make them less mobile and at a higher risk of a life-threatening fall. At present, half of all elderly people who suffer a serious fall die within two years. “

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  • Darren

    Did 30 muscle ups for time workout. Did first 20 MU then hit a wall, did rest 4 pull ups 4 ring dips per 1 MU


    Had 20 MU at 30 minutes had to break them up alot to help with fatigue. But most MU i have ever done by far. Before this workout I have only done 3 MU in one day.

  • J Jones

    Nice work Darren.

    Geez you post a few hours late and all the comments dry up. . .


  • Carry

    Glad to hear you’re gonna live….we had a good time this morning without you 🙂

    Slam ball, elevated push ups, sit ups, lunges (one set with slosh pipe)& pull ups X 4.

  • Rodil

    I read this article in USA Weekend last month. Looks like drinking milk after a workout is a good idea:

    FitSmart by Jorge Cruise
    “Milk can boost your muscle mass”

    Recent research shows that milk really does do a body good — especially right after a hard workout.

    In a study that appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, young men who drank fat-free milk after exercising gained nearly 40% more muscle mass than those who drank a soy beverage and gained more than 60% more muscle mass than those who consumed a sweetened sports drink.

    Plus, the milk drinkers lost more body fat in a 12-week period — nearly four times more than the soy-drinking group and 60% more than those who had sports drinks.

    “This simultaneous gain in muscle and loss of fat is a pretty powerful combination,” says Stuart M. Phillips, a professor at McMaster University in Ontario and the lead author of the study.

    “Milk contains two types of proteins, whey and casein, that are the highest-quality proteins known,” Phillips says. “They contain all of the essential amino acids, the necessary building blocks of proteins in our bodies. Whey contains one called leucine, which may be a key trigger for the synthesis of new muscle proteins.”

  • Darren

    I heart Sarah the Destroyer

    She inspires me

  • Stavros

    I want to change my name, “Stavros The Destroyer”

  • craig

    Cool article, Carry! Brendan at HQ had a very similar experience. Since talking with him a few months ago i’ve upped my milk intake, but now i’m going to switch to post workout.

    Thanks for covering at 4 today Sarah!

    3 rounds of Barbara today at 6500ft! Brutal. 20:30.

    Good advice jj

  • craig

    Cool article, Carry! Brendan at HQ had a very similar experience. Since talking with him a few months ago i’ve upped my milk intake, but now i’m going to switch to post workout.

    Thanks for covering at 4 today Sarah!

    3 rounds of Barbara today at 6500ft! Brutal. 20:30.

    Good advice jj

  • jorgy

    So I did Barbara yesterday but i was dissapointed with my time. But today Rick called me and told me that we had added three extra minutes on to our times, having five sets of rest added onto our times. so my real time was 27:05, lowest score around 2:50 and highest around 3:28

  • Craig

    Thats damn solid jorgy! Awesome. My 1st round was 3:50 – at higher altitude.

    Did you break any sets at all??

  • Craig

    By the way, are jj’s arms getting bigger? I think he’s doing bicep curls and tricep presses at home.

  • Luca Z.

    Hey Rodil after I read Mark Rippetoe’s book and talked to Brendan from H.Q I tried the milk thing, I drunk 1 gallon of milk a day, full fat, for 3 weeks gained 7lb, dropped to 1/2 a gallon for the next 2 week dropped 2lb stopped drinking milk all together and kept my weight ever since

  • J Jones

    No Tri-s and Bi-s but I did weigh 220 that morning (a new record).

    I don’t see an article from Carry, but I do see one from Rodil (some of you guys need to read a little more closely before posting).

    Rodil – Post Workout Nutrition (aka PWN)is awesome and something everyone should look into. Milk can be a great food if you don’t have any allergies or gut issues, mainly due to the protein and amino acid profiles as already mentioned. Some of it’s affects have also been attributed to the insulin response it induces. Having some insulin circulating post workout tends to help protein synthesis among other things.

    That being said, organic 100% grass fed cow milk or even goats milk would be best. Low in hormones and bi-products from the cows eating grains.

    But many people still have issues with milk (People of Asian and African decent, the populations in those areas have not been drinking cows milk for enough generations to have had their bodies adapt overall, the same goes for most people of European decent and rice).

    For people who want to avoid milk there are more and more post workout shakes and drinks you can buy that have zero dairy. But I believe the most important thing to do is just eat SOMETHING.

    From an evolutionary perspective. . . you just got done chasing down that elk and throwing your spear 5 or six times while crawling over boulders and trees. You haven’t eaten since yesterday. What is the first thing you do? Cut out the heart (and a few other choice organs) and eat it on the spot to. That’s what I call PWN!

    Some of the opinions I have read have put forth that the sooner you get the calories in the better (i.e. minutes after working out if possible). This might be another argument for milk, just for ease of application. But a zone meal within 1 – 2 hours will still have great benefit.

    As far as the arms thing go (and in regards to my bw gain and PWN). . . for the last few weeks, I have been trying to really focus on getting a whey protein shake after the WODs with some additional Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and some carbs in the form of fruit or a tiny bit of honey. It might be doing the trick for me.