The other white meat, the food of the future, high proteins content, low to no fat, no cholesterol

and a great ZONE and PALEO choice of protein, are you going to try it?

Lose your Breakfast with Luca(If you didn’t do it by looking at the pictures)

5 Rounds For Time of:

10 Back Squats – BW (or scaled to keep good form)

3 Rope climbs (sub towel pull ups for rope climb)

Post time and comments



“When everyday run-of-the-mill failure just isn’t good enough.”


You’ve seen the pictures, now read the info in this link.

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  • jorgy

    Helen is CFHQ’s WOD. So who wants to do In N’ Out Helen????

  • Darren

    I don’t know if I trust your math.


  • jorgy

    I’d trust the math but from what I saw today hopefully you don’t follow my example with form. hahahahaha in your face. So you down for In N’ Out Helen tomorrow?

  • Darren

    No in and out. But i will be there at 4 for helen

  • ultrasarah

    Gross, Luca….just gross!! Im glad that isnt zone….i would starve.

  • jorgy

    Good D i’m looking forward to you getting sub 8. you were so close last time and you’ve really stepped your training up since then so you are a shoe in.

  • J Jones

    I would be down for IN-N-OUT Helen but I think I better wait until Friday to workout so that I know that this blood poisoning thing has been kicked.

    Maybe “Stavros teh Destroyer (of Double Doubles)” wants in. (yes the “teh” is on purpose – look it up on wikipedia).


  • J Jones

    Article –

    I would totally eat bugs if there were a reliable source nearby.

    Diversity in diet is a good thing.


  • Luca Z.

    Don’t fight it Sarah that’s the food of the future embrace it, try, you might like it, crunchy yet satisfying

  • Luca Z.

    Those pictures were taken in Thailand I did try them and I have to say that they weren’t bad at all, once you past the visual it’s a good eating

  • ultrasarah

    I still have a hard time chewing on the cute little cows and feathery little chicks!! So I think bugs are out.

    D and Stav- we can all change our names and be one big happy family!! Could you imagine it? ” look honey, those damn Destroyers are at it again with all that crossfit mumbo jumbo.”


    Sarah The Destroyer

  • Mike Erickson

    I prefer to be higher up the food chain.

    i.e.: mix the bugs in with the cattle feed. Then eat steaks.

    If it were a survival thing I’d gobble them down and be glad to get them. I’m not big on starving.

  • Darren The Destroyer

    Thats it I am going down to the Social security office today.

  • Sarah The Destroyer

    I’ll meet ya down there!

  • sakura

    i swallowed a cricket once when i swam back in junior high. does that count? i also ate the worm in the tequilla bottle once in mexico. does anyone watch the weird foods shows on the travel channel? we do and i must say, the terriyaki hissing cockroaches look better than the pictures.

    p.s. sarah, catra from one world says hello and congrats on the baby.

  • Luca Z.

    Everything counts Sakura, I love the weird food show that guy is so funny

  • Stavros K

    Planning on doing Helen tomorrow at the shed, 4pm. Anyone else in?

  • Sarah The Destroyer

    I introduced my oldest son to crossfit today. He got a dose of Helen! It brought a tear to my eye! He loved it! Thank you to Nate, Darren, and Brent for being the awesome guys they are and making him feel so welcomed! We drove away and he was asking when was the next time I was going so he could join in on the painful pleasure that we call crossfit! =)

    Ps. Sakura tell catra I said hi and look forward to seeing her soon on the trail!

  • J Jones

    Did some back squats today(Thurs Night) 5×5

    195,215,235,245,250 – My single rep PR was 265 (I think). I bet I can top that now!