080328 FRIDAY


Sometimes that Wall Ball target just seems so far away.


5 rounds

Back Squat 5 reps

Rope Climb 3 reps (15′)

Post time and loads used for back squat to comments.



More evidence that the Resveratrol in Red wine is good for you and bad for cancer.

Happy Friday, now go have some red wine (or grape juice).


More powerful words from Lisabeth Darsh at CrossFit Watertown.

Did you hear the story about the guy who died doing CrossFit? It’s true. He didn’t go hard enough on “Helen” so his trainer killed him.

All joking aside, CrossFit is one intense MoFo. Usually, your trainer is motivating you to work harder, faster, and stronger and, usually, she/he is right. As CrossFit trainers, intensity is one of our obsessions, along with pull-ups, squats, thrusters, and any of ten thousand other ways to ahem,inflict pain,ahemhelp you to achieve your fitness goals. (Although, like the wonderful t-shirt over at Training Anarchy reminds us: “Obsession is what lazy people call dedication.”) We push you to go harder because the simple fact of life is that most people don’t go hard enough. Yet we also understand health, recovery, and the human body; so we know that, despite all our clamoring and exhortations, you simply cannot CrossFit at the same intensity each day, no more so than you can breathe the exact same number of breaths each day. (And we’ve tried counting, believe us. Although it wasn’t exactly a full day. We had to get some pull-ups in. And we’re really not that obsessive-compulsive.) . . .

complete article here.

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  • J Jones

    Ended up doing Helen Today. 9:21.

    Afterward I played around with the Split Jerks, working up to a single of 215, but failing at 225.


  • J Jones

    Wow. Nobody comments on Fridays.


  • Carry

    you are right….rest is very important. It’s tough to go full speed everyday. It’s good to be reminded that it’s not only OK but recomended that we take a day off here and there.

  • jorgy

    I got 245 today on my split jerk. failed four times with 255 once with 250 and failed two times with 245 before i got it.

  • Stavros

    Sorry guys, rough night at work. Took an afternoon nap and slept through the 4pm workout.