080330 SUNDAY “Shootfighitng Seminar Coming Soon”



Bart Vale (the big guy with the awesome handlebar ‘sash) is the head of the Shootfighting martial art (the original “Mixed Martial Art”) as well as the International Shootfighting Association. He will be teaching a seminar for Shootfighting Saturday April 5th at the Fairfield Shootfighting/Kenpo studio at 1:00pm. I will be there (most likely getting my ass kicked by the large gent for the benefit of others). The class is designed for all skill levels and if you are interested in going (to learn or watch me squirm as payback) email me at jeremy@diablocrossfit.com

See the flyer here at the Martial Arts School website.

*UPDATE MAY 2008** Our friends the Tracy’s Karate Studios (in Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville, and Davis California) will be hosting the first Shootfighting Summit on the west coast (second Shootfighting Summit ever actually). You can read my review of the first Shootfighting Summit here.

The Summit will include all the top Shoofighting coaches from around the world (Yoshiaki Fujiwara aka the ‘Godfather’ of MMA, Bart Vale, Yuki Ishikawa, Marcus Marinelli, Keith Curts, John Busto, Barry Polonitza, Robert Yard, and Mike Dancull to name a few). All parts of mixed martial arts (mma) will be covered in addition to kickboxing, submissions, and most importantly how to blend the two together to forge a fluid, supreme, complete fighter (not just one who has been pieced together from different parts that don’t necessarily fit together).

I am looking forward to this momentous event, and so should you! Reserve your spots right away space is limited. Info on the TracysKarateStudios.com events page. -jj**


Weighted Pull ups:

5, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1



This one comes from our buddy Jon Gilson at Again Faster

To A Greater World” by Jon Gilson, Again Faster

We’re bringing personal responsibility back. You can’t do what we do while shirking your load, depending on other people, or otherwise passing the buck. Your WOD time is yours and yours alone. You cannot turn in a fifty-minute “Fran” and then scold your classmates for the result. Blame is not cast in the gym.

Conversely, I can’t count the number to times I’ve seen an athlete turn in an epic time and then thank everyone in the room for making it happen. Adulation is shared.

I view the gym as a microcosm of the moral world, one in which control of success and failure ultimately lies with the individual. There is no fatalism in the gym. Your maximum pull-up number is not preordained by some higher power. It is determined by speed, strength, coordination, accuracy, agility, and mental fortitude, all qualities that are within your domain and solely within your control. Others can give to the effort through correction, encouragement, and support, but they cannot make your chin clear the bar.

Link to continue reading: http://www.againfaster.com/articles/to-a-greater-world.html

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  • Stavros

    Did Helen today, totally gassed out on 3rd round, never got going on the kips;

    8:45 as RX’d


  • Rodil

    Anyone interested in the Zone Diet might want to check out KarensKitchen.com. The site sells a food block kitchen poster that provides a quick guide to Zone foods and sizes.

    13:14 on first Helen today – scaled with 44 lbs KB, jumping pullups.

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