080331 MONDAY


We’ve created a monster: Mo with his 449 “personal record” deadlift.

Workout: “Fran”


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:

95 pound Thruster


Post time to comments.



Life expectancy increase only for educated, others reap no benefit

“It’s no secret that over the last few decades, life expectancy in the United States has been rising. However, recent data shows that not everyone has benefited from this encouraging trend. New findings from Harvard Medical School and Harvard University demonstrate that individuals with more than 12 years of education have significantly longer life expectancy than those who never went beyond high school.”

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • J Jones

    CrossFit Totals this morning.

    Carry topped out at 400 (a few lbs up from last attempt)

    Mo PRed the DLs and got a 170 (?) on the strict press. So he needed 381 to get a CFT of 1000, but his legs were toast from Jorgy’s Seal WOD yesterday. He squatted 16lbs shy. CFT = 984

    I couldn’t pull my DL PR of 395 today, but I was able to get 385 off the ground. I PRed my back squats with 275 (over 255 from before), and tied my PR for the strict press: 160. CFT = 820 a 20 pt gain.

    1000 here I come (slowly).

  • Luca Z.

    nice job to all Mo in just three months you almost reached all of your 2008 goals, way to go man

  • Moises G.

    Hey Luca that CFT Workout was dedicated to you man. You always emphasize strict form and it helps a lot especially with BIG weight. I will get back to your class as soon as I finish this last week of work. Good work done by the Diablo Crossfit family.

  • Luca Z.

    finally someone that understand me, great work Mo, you bring tears to my eyes 😉

  • Craig

    FRAN today at 16:00h

    Me: 5:25 (Back from the dead…!)
    Darren: 3:46 (PR & DCF #1 for about 10 minutes)

    Then, the boys went:

    Jorgy 3:11 PR & DCF #1
    Rick 3:12 PR & DCF #2

    Rick had the lead on Jorgy during the last set of Thrusters but paused breifly before his last pull ups (and changed up his grip) – just enough for Jorgy to get going and pull ahead. AWESOME POWER OUTPUT guys. Sub 3’s soon.

  • Craig

    Well done, Moises. CFT 984 is awesome. 1000 soon.

    In one day I’ve been bumped from #1 in two boxes on the board: CFT and Fran.

    Fit bastards.

  • Craig

    Anyone want to do the CF wod at the track tomorrow? I’m thinking Acalanes HS on Pleasant Hill, nice soft rubber track.

  • jorgy

    Darren was number one on the board for fran until that redline forced rick and i into hyperspeed. i really think that rick and i racing against each other brings a whole new element to our WOD. My last Fran which was like a week and a half ago was 4:25 or something, but after losing the first round of thrusters i had to find an extra gear to catch up. from then on it was a head to head race and at the end with pull ups i turned my back to him and finished it off with quicker frog kips instead of my regular long kip. A congrats to Darren for his PR and with a few extra pull ups (for police on the loose) and really good form during the whole workout, it gave me the inspiration for even doing the workout. And Craig you’ll be back soon, like the terminator

  • jorgy

    What time do you wanna do the workout Craig? Cause I don’t wanna do it at DCF, the hill would kill.

  • Darren

    What a great feeling being number ONE. Too bad it lasted only 11 minutes and 23 seconds. Next time sub 3:30 maybe 3:15.

    I love this sport.

  • Mike Erickson

    Jorgy and Rick, awesome. You guys really are good for each other. I’m looking forward to July.

    Did the CFT tonight. Total: 635, +40 from last November. Bodyweight is 157, down 5 lbs from last November, so ratio is up to 635/157 = 4.04, up from 595/162= 3.67
    Double-under practice after.
    Luca, are you there every morning at 8 a.m.?

  • Luca Z.

    Yeah Mike every morning at about 8am You can find me there, teaching or just doing my things

  • Moises G.

    DAMN!!! Jorgy, Rick, Darren and Craig you guys killed it. Craig it’s hard to stay on top especially with the awesome group we have at DCF. I totally agree with Darren, this sport is GREAT.

  • Craig

    Jorgy: 4PM today at zee track?

  • J Jones

    Freaking awesome guys!

    Monday was a big day at the Shed. Sweet.


  • J Jones

    Interesting. . . Freddy C mentions on the CF comments page that he drank a bottle of wine and a few beers last night. He did sleep in then had a sugar free Rockstar before nailing a 2:37 (old PR of 3:09 a month or so back).

    At least one other guy mentions something similar. Am I seeing a trend?

    I know that caffeine is good for working out, but maybe it is REALLY good for Fran. Especially when combined with a good night’s sleep the night before.

    Jorgy, what were your habits the day before you did Fran? (sleep, diet, alcohol consumption, etc).


  • jorgy

    Actually before my Fran i felt like crap, i got the call the night before that i was needed for work at 6:30 and i am not a morning person. so after 6 hours sleep i woke up and worked until 4 then went to the shed, but the thing that is very consistent was the fact that before we did the WOD rick and i went to max muscle and bought a Redline.

  • jorgy

    sounds good craig i should be there.

  • Craig

    Redline has about 250mg of caffiene in a 6oz can. By contrast, a Coke has 34mg in 12oz.

    No question that caffiene will assist performance for any workout sub 60 minutes – and especially for a sub 5 minute wod like Fran.

    Careful guys. You are pushing your bodies and hearts to the limit.

    Redline does not put their caffiene content on the label, which is sketchy to me. Garuana, caffiene, and other pseudo-amphetimines can harm you or kill you.