080401 TUESDAY


A date with Helen will leave you gasping for air and ready to hurl chunks, this is our very own Rick after his 7:42 time.

Lose your Breakfast with Luca:

Deadlift 3×5

MetCon WOD:

3 rounds for time of:

Row 500 m

5 (1 Clapping push-up + 5 kick-backs)

10 box jumps – above knee

Compliments of Catalyst Athletics check their website


Check April fool origins




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  • Rodil

    If I’m running at a high school track, is the inner ring 400m around? How do you know you’ve run 400m if you run on the outer rings?

    I watched the Rebuilding Aimee video on the Catalyst Athletics website. Just remember today’s date while you watch.

  • luca z.

    That was one funny video!!!

  • J Jones

    That was funny.

    I bet she’s pregnant (the real reason she dropped out of nationals). I thought I saw a belly during the bikini scenes.

  • Craig

    Rodil, the starting / finish point for a 400m track is marked with a line that staggers back each lane the more you move closer to the center.

    So in the outside lane, you should start further ahead than the inside lane by about 20m and finish at the same point as the inside line.

    See the photo:


    In this example, start and remain in lane 6 and finish at the same starting point as lane 1. Or, running the opposite direction in lane six, then you start at the same spot as lane 1, but finish at the six. Get it?

  • Craig

    Redline has about 250mg of caffiene in a 6oz can. By contrast, a Coke has 34mg in 12oz.

    No question that caffiene will assist performance for any workout sub 60 minutes – and especially for a sub 5 minute wod like Fran.

    Careful guys. You are pushing your bodies and hearts to the limit.

    Redline does not put their caffiene content on the label, which is sketchy to me. Garuana, caffiene, and other pseudo-amphetimines can harm you or kill you.

  • jorgy

    they can either kill you or give you a killer fran time.

  • Luca Z.

    I used to take redline but had to stop, I was waking up in the middle of the night shaking and sweating, should we put an asterisk next to the scores with a note, achieved with performance ehancers enhancers?

  • Carry

    I smell a federal indictment…& the goody boys will probably never get into the CrossFit hall of fame. Great.

  • J Jones

    The first time I had a redline I was awake for 38 hours (even though I didn’t need to be).

    I have had a few in the past, but never a whole once since the first.

    Craig’s point is valid, I was just noticing in particular how it seemed to be helping Fran times.

    For me, it seems like energy drinks just give a fast heart rate during the workout and I get tired sooner. But maybe it is different if the workout is only 5 min or less.


  • jorgy

    something to look into, maybe in a longer WOD start drinking energy drinks before and during a workout. haha, but really i was taking noxplode last year and i would drink half before my workout and finish the rest during and after and it seemed like my recovery time went down, my times went down and my strengths went up. Not promoting that substance just stating that maybe there is a point in taking them, although now i don’t take anything, i have revamped my diet and i am acheiving better results, and my body is starting to form better.

  • Darren

    “although now i don’t take anything”

    except redline before a Fran

  • J Jones


    This will have to go the the DCF Anti Doping board for review. . .

    As the self proclaimed “Head of the DCF Anti Doping board” I hereby proclaim that either you must stop all ‘performance enhancing supplements’ unless you share them . . . with me at least.

    Another note. . . I know Mo takes NO Xplode (or however you spell it). I might have to look into it.


  • jorgy

    Yes check it out, I love the stuff i just cycle on and off of it because of the creatine in it.