North Santa Cruz CrossFit sweat demon spotted at the shed.



75 lb power snatch, 75 reps for time

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Irregular Exercise schedule linked to weight gain

“The study, conducted by Paul Williams of Berkeley Lab’s Life Sciences Division, found that the key to staying trim is to remain active year-round, year-after-year, and to avoid seasonal and irregular exercise patterns. Most of all, don’t quit. Failure to do so may be a contributing factor in the nation’s obesity epidemic.”

“. . .Specifically, Williams compared 17,280 men and 5,970 women who decreased their running distance with 4,632 men and 1,953 women who increased their running distance over a 7.7-year period. He found that runners who decreased their distance from five to zero miles per week gained four times as much weight as those who decreased their distance from 25 to 20 miles per week. He also found that people who started running after an exercise layoff didn’t lose weight until their mileage exceeded 20 miles per week in men, and 10 miles per week in women. “

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Luca isn’t the only one who can find great motivational posters!


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  • Craig

    I’ve been waiting for this pictute to show up!! I love the NSC sweat demon.

    How hard were those damn 800’s yesterday, jorgy?

    I felt slow and fat. Totally winded after the 1st 400m, the 2nd my lungs were on fire. Turning the corner into the breeze at Acalanes, it felt like a 40mph headwind. Gotta run more!


  • Craig

    Darren, can you email me the email address of the Firefighter that came into the Shed the other day? I want to send him an email.

    I suspect they were not convinced. “We have our own workout, we’re just looking for a place to do some Olympic lifting”

    I’m confident that you, Jorgy, Rick, jj, Stav, or even me could give them a pretty damn good run on their FF test with zero experience.

    I’d love for them to give CF a run for 4 weeks and then test themselves. Or, perhaps, set up a similar “course” at the Shed and have them compete with our inexperienced guys to prove the point.

  • J Jones

    That reminds me. . . When are we going to get some hose bundles to play with?

    I want more FF gear and I would like to set up a modified version of the FF test we could do at the Shed.

    Get on it Darren & Stav “The Destroyer(s)”


  • Rodil

    Craig – You might want to point out these videos on YouTube to that firefighter:

    “Fred Gokey does Firefighter Fran” – Doing Fran in a firefighter outfit.

    Search YouTube for “crossfit fran firefighter” and you get a video from CrossFit NorCal. Guy does Fran wearing his firefighting outfit, air tank and while breathing through his mask.

  • J Jones

    Forgot to post my “Randy” time:

    5:21 (if I remember correctly). It was my first time with Randy. He is a beast. My grip was fried, and I felt it in my feet (I must have been coming up on my toes toward the end).