Blood on the bar, blood on the mat. Jimmy sacrifices a little blood for our Hero Randy Simmons.

Injuries do not have to be a part of training, but if you are ramping up intensity and trying to find your limits, injuries can (and will) happen. Going too intense too often or too soon will usually guarantee and accident and injury. How hard an athlete pushes them self is entirely personal and arbitrary. Don’t push hard enough, and progress will be slower. Push too hard and progress will stop (and possibly regress) due to catastrophic injury.

Generally I believe in the 80 / 20 rule here. 80% of the time you should be doing movements with as much intensity as possible while adhering to strict form and safety. About 20% of the time (sometimes at the end of the workout, the last round, during a PR, etc) the ‘intensity dial’ should be turned up to find out where your current limit is (your limit will be ever changing, and it improves most the more you test it). Sometimes you won’t even hit your limit, and sometimes you will bash your shin with the bar during “Randy” and draw a little blood – then don’t even notice until a few minutes after you yell “TIME!”. -jj

Workout (From Catalyst Athletics):

* Power snatch + snatch balance – 60% (of snatch) x 3 sets

* Power clean + push press + jerk – 55% (of clean) x 3 sets

* Overhead squat – 80% of snatch x 2 x 3

4 rounds for time:

100 m sprint

8 box jumps – mid-thigh height+

Post numbers and questions to comments.



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Stavros after giving it his all:

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  • Stavros

    That how we do it at the Shed.

  • Stavros

    Everyone should check this video out. Look at the Shed back in the day, it looked so empty, no white board, only one pull-up bar. This thing has come a long ways and I love it. Also, I look like I weight 20 more pounds, at least. I guess the Zone does work ; )


  • Craig

    appreciated that vid Stav! Amazing how much has changed in a little over one year.

    By the way, Jorgy and Rick were 240lbs+ sitting at home eatin’ ding dongs on the couch, reminiscing about their DLS days. hehe

  • Craig

    HEY!! Catalyst Athletics has a nice Oly shoe for $69.95!! Thats an fantastic price for a leather OLY shoe.

    Oly Shoe

  • Mike Erickson

    I really like this place. Beautiful work Stavros.

  • sakura

    wow. diablo has come such a long way! congrats.

    got a chance to go down to SCC and NSC to meet annie, rob, shari and brendan on wednesday. got in a WOD with annie (SP-1, PP-3, PJ-5) and a kipping lesson with shari. finally tore my hand and i must say that for the first day washing my hands hurt so bad. but, i was so close to getting one pull up and was way stoked.

    i remember some time back there was a discussion about ripping your hands. i think someone said that using a pumice stone helps?

  • Luca Z.

    Sakura yeah a pumice stone help, you need to soften the calluses before, you can soak your hands in hot water for 10-15 min or buy any product that will do that and them use the pumice it works for me

  • Craig

    Darren made me do Gwen today. I tried to get out of it.

    145lbs all the way through. Could have done better at my jerks.

    Rodil was inspiring! Learned the c&j in the oly class then did Gwen with 75lbs! We thought he’d never get past 10 reps…and he proved us wrong. Nice work, buddy.

    Darren made 145 look pretty easy.

  • sakura

    thanks, luca. =]

  • Rodil

    Thanks, Craig. Gwen is a great workout. Rick was definitely right about the grip being the hardest part. Rob gave some good advice when he suggested bending at the waist and resting the bar on the hips.

  • Stavros

    Did a light workout today at the station;

    4 Rounds
    100m sprint
    8 box jumps
    (I did 16 box jumps at bench press height)


    Afterwards I did a set of SP’s. 95-135-135-135-135-155(failed)

  • Darren

    Gheesh.. don’t push your self to hard Stav, save some for the big one.

  • jorgy

    Did CFT today. 875 getting to my goal of 900, but I want to get there by the games I think it is possible to get my shoulder press up to 165 my deadlift to 415 and back squat to 325. I just hope next time we do it it wont be after a hella hard strength workout.

  • Stavros K

    Oh, and at 2am we got called out to help move a 600 lb. women, does that count as some sort of rucksack workout?

  • Craig

    Rest jorgy.